Challenge for this week: Find a way to create a 30 minute presentation to make people hooked on .

By the way, this lunch I didn't play with or wrote . All I did was to move some toots from disk to , a quite menial task that I did mostly 'cause I'm (again) with a (mild) flu.

Stupid app is working, nonetheless -- not in the prettiest, automated fashion, but it works.

So I guess I have my "what to do in my lunch break" task for a long time already.

My biggest worry today is "Am I going to use 30 minutes of my lunch break to a) Update my stupid application or b) Update my with the start of , the book?"

Follow up question: If I do get the mini computer and managed to cross-compile something in ...

What should I cross-compile?!?

Let's say I want a small computer just to see cross-compilation things.

Should I go with an Arduino or Raspberry?

One nice thing in :

Because I built a release version of my project, it end up in `target/release`. Now I can keep breaking the code and building it as a debug version, which will end up in `target/debug` and still have a functional version.

All I want is to go home, take some naps and play with my code.

Oh well, back to playing with and downfav.

(Na na na, nana na na, na na na, nana na na...)

downfav is my little app that downloads favourites.

It's incredibly stupid, it's not idiomatic Rust (more like "idiotic Rust") but Heck, I'm incredibly proud of it.

Sometimes I have the feeling that I'm getting confused with just because I'm letting it discover the type instead of explicitly putting the type in every variable.

In other news, I'm trying to figure out how to not have a `FnMut` closure in , without the easy way out of simply removing the reference calls.

That feeling when your stupid app starts to actually work and you feel that you're finally getting Rust.

Toy app: fought the type system, won, app run without any issues.

Just wondering:

1. bugs allow people to read memory that they don't have access.

2. provides strong memory protection.

2 prevents 1 or not?

Sauron is an html web framework for building web-apps. It is heavily inspired by elm.

Dammit, I'm having fun, coding! Somebody take away from me! 😁

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