I wonder if I make a clone of my project from my hosted repository to would make me more attractive to Rust companies...

I have all the basic design for my next stupid app (dHash calculator using Tokio) but heck if I feel like coding in my lunch break...

I think I'll play with another app, that calculates a fingerprint for images (calculating a dHash: hackerfactor.com/blog/index.ph), but I'd prefer to understand Tokio before so I can do the whole think asyncly.

Things I could do on my lunch break:

1. Start another project: a scrapper for Last.fm library, saving the results on ;

2. Convert my books to ;

3. Adjust my app that downloads favourites to upload some directly to .

Too many personal projects, too little time...

All I want is a job not related to any blockhain in .

And unlimited power, but yeah, Rust in Finland.

Random on the Brazilian Telegram: "I don't know if I can post job offerings here, but I'm looking for a senior Rust developer."

Me, thinking: "Please no blockchain, please no blockchain, please no blockchain..."

Most common thing I say when coding :

"Oh, look! It worked!"

My latest stupid script: nc-dirs: git.juliobiason.net/index.php/

I'm trying to fix a problem I have with and Spaces, and I'm almost there.

Tell you what: I'm enjoying a lot more writing stupid scripts in than these days.

Holy cow.

I wrote a small application to list the contents of a S3 bucket.

It was pretty fast and I thought "Well, it got part of the contents and now I need to pick the continuation token to get the rest".

But _there was no continuation token_!

Speaking of which, maybe needs more working groups.

Since each working group have their own book, explaining how they see whatever they focus can be used, that would mean more focused books.

Me: "Oh, nice. YouTube is suggesting videos. I'm not a fan of learning coding on videos, but still..."

Sees they are all 4-5 _hours_ videos.

Me: "Oh no."

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