I just learnt that ? can be used in Options on and now I'm really interested in writing a blog post about it.

It is just so freaking awesome.

Last night, I was really impressed how smooth it was to code using and its official Rust plugin.

Dynamic Dispatching deep-dive


("The compiler actually computed the final result [of a for loop] 0xb5e6218d1680and hardcoded it in our executable." HOLY FREAKING COW!)


Issue history summary:

1. Found by Shnatsel
2. Closed as harmless to users by fafhrd91
3. Proven harmful to users by Nemo157 and reopened by JohnTitor
4. Fixed and closed by fafhrd91
5. Proven unfixed and proposed new patch by Nemo157
6. New patch commented "this patch is boring" by fafhrd91
7. Issue is deleted
8. Fix is reversed by fafhrd91, issue still present

Yay, drama in !

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