Oh, hey, I just realized I forgot to pick my notebook for our Meetup tonight.

Still amazes me how working groups write complete books about the topic they are responsible for.

I wonder if I make a clone of my project from my hosted repository to would make me more attractive to Rust companies...

I have all the basic design for my next stupid app (dHash calculator using Tokio) but heck if I feel like coding in my lunch break...

I think I'll play with another app, that calculates a fingerprint for images (calculating a dHash: hackerfactor.com/blog/index.ph), but I'd prefer to understand Tokio before so I can do the whole think asyncly.

Things I could do on my lunch break:

1. Start another project: a scrapper for Last.fm library, saving the results on ;

2. Convert my books to ;

3. Adjust my app that downloads favourites to upload some directly to .

Too many personal projects, too little time...

All I want is a job not related to any blockhain in .

And unlimited power, but yeah, Rust in Finland.

Random on the Brazilian Telegram: "I don't know if I can post job offerings here, but I'm looking for a senior Rust developer."

Me, thinking: "Please no blockchain, please no blockchain, please no blockchain..."

Most common thing I say when coding :

"Oh, look! It worked!"

My latest stupid script: nc-dirs: git.juliobiason.net/index.php/

I'm trying to fix a problem I have with and Spaces, and I'm almost there.

Tell you what: I'm enjoying a lot more writing stupid scripts in than these days.

Holy cow.

I wrote a small application to list the contents of a S3 bucket.

It was pretty fast and I thought "Well, it got part of the contents and now I need to pick the continuation token to get the rest".

But _there was no continuation token_!

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