Issue history summary:

1. Found by Shnatsel
2. Closed as harmless to users by fafhrd91
3. Proven harmful to users by Nemo157 and reopened by JohnTitor
4. Fixed and closed by fafhrd91
5. Proven unfixed and proposed new patch by Nemo157
6. New patch commented "this patch is boring" by fafhrd91
7. Issue is deleted
8. Fix is reversed by fafhrd91, issue still present

Yay, drama in !

Not sure if I got how it works, but I just created @rust for discussing stuff on the fediverse.

Not impressed with the top 1% in , I'm pissed with being in the top 38% of _in this city_!

Also, can someone fix the damn situation between Async-Std and Tokio on the community?

It's getting tired that people keep pushing some stupid conspiracy theories about Async-Std.

Oh, hey, I just realized I forgot to pick my notebook for our Meetup tonight.

Still amazes me how working groups write complete books about the topic they are responsible for.

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