devs, how would you break a long line with several calls (a.k.a. fluent design, like in Django):

Option 1 (dots on new line):


Option 2 (dots on same line):


It feels kinda weird playing with again, after a long time working with .

I mean, it feels a lot like "Hey, did that just worked?" and "All that in just this little code?"

Maybe I need to recheck the way I explain stuff on our group on Telegram:

- Random joins the group, posts long "I want this";
- "Is this some class exercise?" "Yes"
- "We can answer direct questions, but we won't solve it for you" "Ok"

Then I (sadly) start posting code to point where the problem could be.

- They: "It's not working"
- Me: "Look at the variable names..."
- They: ...
- They: "Yeah, not working. Thanks."

11 new web frameworks

(It's really impressive how many new frameworks just follow format for routing.)

RQ (Redis Queue) is a simple library for queueing jobs and processing them in the background with workers.

If you could call someone to check if they were willing to be a keynote for a conference (think ), who would you call?

(if you could remember someone who is not a white guy, I'd really appreciate it -- also, boosts, please?)

Tell you what: I'm enjoying a lot more writing stupid scripts in than these days.

I was about to say that I'd ride 130km just to hear people talking about , but apparently I was upgraded to presenter, for some reason...

On the way back home, I noticed I wrote two small scripts in today, for personal reasons.

But I want to learn , and there is very little I need to write these days... except this kind of script.

So, for the next month, I'll rewrite the scripts in Rust, and write every single stupid script I need in Rust.

It's freaking cold, but it's time to get out of bed and go to our meetup.

And then, play Eldritch Horror this afternoon.

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