It feels kinda weird playing with again, after a long time working with .

I mean, it feels a lot like "Hey, did that just worked?" and "All that in just this little code?"

Not impressed with the top 1% in , I'm pissed with being in the top 38% of _in this city_!

Every freaking day, decides the indentation of a sequence of calls in must change.

Every. Freaking. Day.

The community obsession with abstractions and never going to something concrete is really wearing me off.

The way this code is exploding and giving no indication of where (I blame for it) just proves more and more that is right to not let those things happen.

I can't believe I am, once again, looking for an `Result<Ok, Err>` type in .

Holy cow , not only you have to have a class of Date+time in a timezone, but also a _completely different class_ for Date+time in an _offset_?!?

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Dammit , you add a new class for date+time that are better then the original Date, but you make it _without_ a timezone, so you have to have _another_ class to have date+time with timezones?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

If Date is not timezone-aware, but LocalDate is, why isn't Date declared deprecated already?

I _think_ with also have a debug and a release path, but it's been so long I can't really remember.

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(I just need to convert one object, an object with some information from our provider [an object, 'cause ], to our own data representation.)

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Here I am, looking at `Function` so I can apply a `.map()` and all I can think of is "This is a perfect place for Rust `From` trait..."

I understand that the basis for this is that streams are defined by its collector (the processing is defined by its sink) while pipelines are a sequence of operations (the source pushes the values downstream), but still...

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Maybe I should've never learn stream from , 'cause now I'm trying to use streams and my business logic is "for this thing, do this, that and that other thing" (where "this", "that" and "that other thing" are completely different and not related) and there isn't a freaking "split" operator.

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