Sad to realize this, but maybe it is time to recognize my white (silver, whatever) hair...

WSL2 with their stupid, sexy transparent terminals with blurred background.

(Not mine, stolen from birdiste.)

You can use loops in PyCharm debugger window (even if I fucking hate debuggers).

Goog have a project called "Project Zero". Their mission: Find bugs everywhere. Weirdly enough, Project Zero can't find any problems in Goog products, but they are quick to announce any zero-days on Windows, for example.

They missed yet another issue with go. The first was a problem with the "http" module, which affected Kubernetes in a "denial of service" way.

"First shalt thou allocate the Holy memory. Then, shalt thou add to five bytes, no more, no less. Five shall be the number of bytes thou shalt add, and the number of the added bytes shall be five. Six shalt thou not add, nor either add thou four, excepting that thou then proceed to Five. Seven is right out! Once the five bytes, being the fifth extra bytes, be reached, then lobbest thou thy cJSON thou foe, who being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it.'"

... and because today is a Black Conscience Day here in Brazil and last night a black person was murdered by a supermarket guards, I guess it is time to post this again:

Well, then I guess every free software developer around can expect their paychecks from Google, right?

(For reference: This is the Google Stadia Creative Director, after posting a take that every streamer should pay royalties to the creators of the games they are streaming.)

Me, seeing that "education minister" is trending on birdsite: "Ok, whatever he said, can't be that bad."

Minister: "Homosexuals are the result of unadjusted families. Bullying is ok."



That's ESR joining a "complain" about the oficial golang site showing a "Black Lives Matter" banner.

If anyone tries to defend this asshole at this point, it will just show it is also an asshole.

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