What kind of weird keyboard is this?

We traded the split keyboard for this miniature keyboard?

Quite funny how someone I know posted a "RIP Argentina", after libertarian Macri lost today's election, while ignoring these awesome facts about his presidency.

I got tired of Uber/Uber Eats spam and decided to be nice and unsubscribe from their lists.

It was kinda weird, so I opened the network tab, only to see that the unsubscribe link returns 404.

So I did what any sane people would do: I clicked the unsubscribe button 200 times.

Dunno if that would change anything, but it kinda felt good...

I mean, look at the size of this index.

And I'm still 50% in the original post.

Found this on Birdsite. The video is from "Carole & Tuesday", but I'm not really sure about the song itself..

(And I'm reposting 'cause the song is freaking awesome.)


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