Found this on Birdsite. The video is from "Carole & Tuesday", but I'm not really sure about the song itself..

(And I'm reposting 'cause the song is freaking awesome.)


If one day goes down it was because @mdallastella got tired of me and @loke using all the server space for hot takes.

For example, see this graph for "End Fight" by Jesper Kyd (it's the song of the final battle in Assassin's Creed 2).

It has a long middle part, but the first third of the song is almost the same as the final third of the song (and if you play it, you'll hear almost not changes when it jumps from start to end).

"I know the borrow checker!"

(Awesome presentation by Florian Gilcher actually made me understand the borrow checker and moving, and borrowing and everything else.)

Oh, it's because IntelliJ uses its own Gradle, which is a different version of the project Gradle, and Gradle likes to keep caches based on its version, 'cause OF COURSE the external projects jars downloaded by version 4.8.1 are totally incompatible with the ones downloaded by version 4.4.

Two days ago, while Evernote was "synching" deleted notes, I tried to play .

Because the disk was in heavy use (go figure, but I'm sure it was Evernote), lots of textures didn't load -- INCLUDING THE TERRAIN textures. But the MINIMAP worked fined.

So I ended playing 20 minutes of what was, basically, the GW2 version of the Birdbox challenge.

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