All it took was to look at the person who posted the screenshot on Birdsite, see that they have a personal page, see that they have a github profile, check their repositories there, find the dotfiles repo, check the vim configuration and that's it!

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I'm specifically trying to figure out this theme (from @sliminality on Birdsite).

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But seriously, although the % is lower this year compared to last year, the number of respondents in the "loved" part increased by around 12% (from 5k to 5.7k).

Also, I'm still impressed on how much lead Rust have compared to the next languages (which have a pretty close love/hate ratio).

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So I went to, replaced Steve Jobs image with my avatar and change the lorem ipsum text with the code for my personal project and... voilà.

I have to say, I did read the top toot, had a reaction and it fit exactly with the next toot.

Me, seeing a lot of people I follow on Birdsite creating accounts on Mastodon:

There is a certain beauty in the way Tokio uses the cores of my laptop...

I mean, you can see the bridge very far away, and the buildings feel kinda small…

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