If a compiler showed this in a uni class, it would be considered cheating.

"Caminhoneiros notificam ao governo a greve para 1º de novembro"

Veja bem, "motivada pelos sucessivos aumentos no preço dos combustíveis". Esse pessoal quer o que? Que o governo, maior acionista da Petrobrás, interfira na empresa pra regular o preço? Esse pessoal não pensa no off-shore do Guedes não? Governo mete a mão na Petrobrás, o Guedes perde dinheiro. Assim não dá.

Tem que privatizar o caminhoneiro.

(Tô sendo sarcástico, se não ficou claro).

Ainda, como se fala de greve dos caminhoneiros, eu sou obrigado a postar a mesma imagem das linhas férreras:

One thing caught my eye on the "Programming Language Energy Benchmark" report: thenewstack.io/which-programmi

Imperative languages use less energy than OO and functional languages.

It doesn't surprise me, 'cause all my life I saw that CPUs are imperative: Read memory from position X, move value read to register, add 1 to register, move value in register to memory and so on.

For other programming paradigms to use less energy, I bet the CPU instruction would have to focus on that paradigm.

Also, one could expect that a compiler could turn all those objects and monads and functors into imperative code, but I guess that's not really simple.

(Also, scripting language are, basically, a CPU emulation layer: They convert the script language into CPU "language", which is then converted in the real thing.)

Hear me out:

i3, but with the titlebar in the side, like this FVWM theme:

More Copilot bullshit:

Will there be a paid version?

If the technical preview is successful, our plan is to build a comercial version of Github Copilot in the future.

Trained by open source; Made to make money; No returns to the Open Source people who created the knowledge base for it.

Let me tell you something about asynchronous/distributed systems...

Behold this abomination:

  1. Tmux
  2. ... running Vim...
  3. ... with :term ...
  4. ... running Emacs ...
  5. ... with term open...

(I just didn't manage to run nano in it, 'cause my Emacs term fucks up the output).

The tabbar in the new Firefox may look a bit weird, but a tab with sound appears with a whole "PLAYING" on the bottom, instead of some weird icon.

This setting existed in Firefox 88? 'Cause, if it wasn't, that's a HUGE reason to upgrade to 89.

Me, converting our fixed size, columned file format to Excel, trying to figure out what went wrong in the latest import.

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