Mastodon admins:

How large is the current database storage of your instance?

(Retoots welcomed; I'm thinking about options for a small instance implementation...)

@juliobiason 30.1GB, this instance has been running for 5 years now.

@juliobiason ey, how many peeps can mastodon handle... on free version of replit? o.O (then i might host it. otherwise no)

@juliobiason 50GB, and my instance is 5 years old with 20-50 active users.

If you are worried about size, you should consider disk compression, it usually has good ratio with postgresql data, and will even make it faster on hard disks (probably on SSDs too)

@juliobiason My small (412 users, 88 active) instance is 6279 MB.

@juliobiason my db is like 5.2GB (personal instance, est 2018). but I have a whole lot more in my system folder.

@juliobiason 100GB at rest for 22k users / 2k active users. pg_dump gets it down to 15GB or so.

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