Rust group got into a discussion about the "last expression in a block is the return value of it" and nobody is actually managing to properly explain it.

@juliobiason wait what. How do one fail to explain it? Are there any subtleties to it that I'm missing?

@loke I think everybody was trying to "dumb it down" to explain for a newcomer and, in the end, they were getting just into the "dumb" part...

@juliobiason that's the thing. I can't imagine how it could be dumbed down. It's such a simple concept.

That said, now that I actually think about it, it may not be completely obvious since so far many early languages didn't adopt this. But thinking further, Lisp did, and it's a very early language.

How was it explained badly in your case?

@loke @juliobiason well, Rust is maybe more confusing than Lisp, since it _also_ has return statements.

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