I've been using Copilot for our projects, mostly to complete single lines.

It's weird how close to what I need and how completely wrong it gets most of the time.

I've seen it autocomplete a variable name (constant) pretty close to what I needed, but it was wrong in a subtle way that didn't produce an exception, but didn't do what I expected either.

Also, VSCode not following PEP8 rules automatically (as Vim/NeoVim does) is annoying as fuck.


Another point about Copilot: It seems pretty unaware of "what's after this". I've seen it auto-complete content inside a function call, but adding yet another closing, unnecessary and wrong, parenthesis.

@juliobiason odontologiska understand what copilot is about. I mean, if the computer can figure out what what you want to do, then you're working on the wrong abstraction level.

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