Random opinion about faucets with touch screens instead of handles:

If they added something to measure how much water runs on each tap, people could consider it "surveillance".

But because there is a touch screen, it becomes "modern".

Sure it is stupid to replace a handle with a touch screen, but otherwise how could you monitor wasted water without sounding like you're trying to control its usage?

@juliobiason touch screens? Those things that don't work with wet hands?

In any case, I thought the touch free faucets never worked well in the first place. Imagine that, they found a way to make it even worse.

In public restrooms here in Italy there were timed flow guided by an IR sensor since well, decades… why aren't those enough?

@juliobiason we are so accostumed to complete computers that we aren't able to think about simpler, sounder, more robust solutions😱

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