When will we start talking about metadata when talking about privacy?

Just read the "privacy" statement from WhatsApp: They basically say that they won't listen to your conversation, but they capture your IP, your device information (including your battery charge, for some reason) and who you're talking to and they may share it with their other providers (one of those being Facebook itself).

Now, sure, they can't take what I'm talking to my wife, but they can surely see that her IP is not the same as mine for awhile and that there is a rising conversation from me with a lawyer.

And it is not hard to figure out what's going on...

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PS: That's just an example. I'm not getting divorced -- I'm not even married, for that matter -- but you get the gist, right?

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Meanwhile, we are just going Hooray for anything that says "end-to-end encryption" and whatnot and caring about this kind of stuff.

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@juliobiason Pra quê diabos o facebook vai usar a porcentagem de bateria do celular???
E pq chegou num ponto q isso é mais chocante doq eles pegarem meu IP?

Technically speaking, this is brutally difficult to do well, nobody is really sure that even TOR is safe from metadata leaks.

From a social perspective, some companies really want to spy on you and E2EE is essentially bait.

Other companies don't want to spy on you but IP addresses and server logs are necessary , to some extent at least.

@cjd @juliobiason The 99% solution here is simply decentralization, small groups running their own XMPP server so no single place has metadata for the whole network, and preferably you know and trust your admin. aims to make this even easier than it already was.
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