load average: 47.47, 43.95, 24.62

What in the fucketty fucketty fuck?

41.9 0.0 86:15.39 kswapd0

What in Mighty's Fuck name?!?

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And it's all php-fpm fault!

(Well, it may be badly set up and it's fucking my Droplet, but holy cow, people!)

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You know, this is the kind of stuff that pushes me towards writing my own WebDAV server and drop NextCloud altogether...

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Maybe not php-fpm per se, but it looks like NextCloud is pushing MySQL to have 20+ active connections/threads.

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... and what am I doing?

Just resyncing Joplin over WebDAV... 😕​

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I bet this number of threads is what is getting MySQL killed by the OOM watcher...

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Found the MySQL configuration in the snap, but it seems its location is a mount point of sorts, so I can't change the configuration file 'cause the mount is readonly (and not even root can change it now).


Current work-around:

Instead of syncing all my notes on my work account, I'm going to create a new directory on NextCloud and sync only the work notes there.

This should reduce the amount of transferred data and such. Also, if something bad happens here, it is easy to "forget" everything I captured.

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@juliobiason Are you looking for something akin to Dropbox syncing with exceptions, because if you are then you might want to check out Syncthing (assuming you haven't already).

@craigmaloney Not quite.

I do like to use Joplin to keep notes, but for syncing, I'd need WebDAV (or some other proprietary stuff, like Dropbox itself). NextCloud offers a WebDAV interface for its content, but then there is this problem of unlimited MySQL threads which screws up my Droplet.

Also, I avoid as much as go code as possible.

@juliobiason Understandable. Happy to talk about my process if situations change.

Good luck! Hate it when MySQL throws a wobbler like that.

@craigmaloney Yeah, but I do believe the kernel of the problem is the Snap install: it was probably built for something larger than the smallest Droplet possible (and I don't need that much for a personal install, anyway).

Currently, I'm rebuilding the Droplet as an Ansible install, and then I'll have all the options available to me (including replacing MySQL with PostgreSQL).

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