That's ESR joining a "complain" about the oficial golang site showing a "Black Lives Matter" banner.

If anyone tries to defend this asshole at this point, it will just show it is also an asshole.

@juliobiason Efffffff that guy (as always)! I’m seeing this pernicious, ridiculous “this is a technical forum not a political one” meme in so many places.

One infamous grifter aside, it’s hard for me to believe anyone still maintaining this “we exist outside of <<other people’s>> politics” blind spot isn’t doing it at least a little willfully to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

esr got his brain fried after 9/11 and ever since then he's become a professional conspiracy theorist and all-around arsehole. He praises Trump a lot in his blog. Fortunately he hasn't been relevant to the field since the last century.

@erkin @juliobiason esr was a racist, anti-woman, and anti-gay well before 9/11

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