LSP in Neovim: Only on nightly NeoVim.
LSP on Spacemacs: Only on development version of Spacemacs.


At this point, I'm seriously going to the (IMHO ugly) way of using VIm, which is a vimscript, that calls nodejs, that calls the server...

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@juliobiason LSP on stable Emacs works pretty well, strange that you need a dev version of the vim emulation mode

@juliobiason how is the neovim support coming along? I’m excited for it.

@bulkington Apparently, the next version (0.5, currently in nightly) will have a LSP in Lua, so no need to install Node or whatever.

I didn't test 'cause I don't have nightly installed.

@juliobiason Currently I’m using coc in vim. I am pretty happy with it for javascript and python. I would like to see a vim that has basically the full featureset of vs code without fifteen rickety plugins. Is anyone working on a native debugger interface?

Native support would be nice. I guess you are using coc.nvim. I am using vim-lsp, and it is decent. No node server layer, just a server (in vimscript) and a client.


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