It seems I left my extra focus in the office.

It's been day 8 of WFH and day 2 of "I have no focus on work".

@juliobiason Do something else then. When I realize I have no focus, I switch to work later at night.

(It's not good, but I've found it works sometimes)

@eletrotupi @juliobiason For me, I sometimes end up working non-stop for 12 hours straight. I spend a lot of time communicating with others, so lots of video conferences.

Then, other days, I find it incredibly difficult to focus.

I should be thankful that so far I'm only working from home every second week, but they may make everybody do it eventually, and that will probably make me go somewhat crazy.

What keeps me sane is the knowledge that I'm not alone, and that pretty much all of the world is doing this together.

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