I can't believe I am, once again, looking for an `Result<Ok, Err>` type in .

@juliobiason that is a pain to be wired for something I think you think is better

@pureevil (Now that you mention it, I'm going to guess that Kotlin has a Result too.)

@juliobiason somehow I think you use programming languages in the way they were not designed to be used.

@juliobiason that, and also you're supposed to write code, not fuck them.

@pureevil Well, considering how much programming languages actually fucked me, I assumed it was reciprocal.

@juliobiason I'm not sure that a guy in a Scala t-shirt fucking you in your butt counts as a programming language per se. Have you tried calling the police after that incident? Maybe he hasn't fled the country yet and there is a chance they can catch him.

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