La empresa 3d Buzz cierra después de veinte años.
Pero pone todos sus cursos GRATUITOS en su página web .

Desde blender a Animación, diseño de videojuegos programación y todo relacionado con el arte y el diseño.

#RecursosGratis #CompartirConocimiento

Hey folx. I'm writing a free book called Riot Medicine to help teach people first aid for protests, riots, and insurrections. Ⓐ 🏴 ⚕️

Some volunteers have already completed illustrations, but there's still many more that are needed before this can be distributed. If you're able to help out (even with just a single illustration!) get in touch.

You can find out more at

Examples of content (including illustrations) are provided below.

Fedi Forthers, just a quick heads up that a Forth category has been added to the Community Trunk project:

If you so desire, you can request to be added to the list.

Also, a Fedi group is available. Any posts to '' will automatically be reposted.


#forth #forthiverse

Boosts appreciated, rather than spamming the known Forthers with mentions.

Twitter Jack suddenly had the bright idea of a decentralized Twitter, all on his own!!

Spanish justice & democracy, eh?

For organising a referendum the following Catalan political leaders have received these jail sentences:

* Oriol Junqueras: 13 years
* Raül Romeva: 12 years
* Jordi Turull: 12 years
* Dolors Bassa: 12 years
* Carme Forcadell: 11.5 years
* Joaquim Forn: 10.5 years
* Josep Rull: 10.5 years
* Jordi Cuixart: 9 years
* Jordi Sànchez: 9 years

It is a disgrace. Even worse is the almost complete silence from the EU.

#Catalunya #Catalonia #democracy #Spain

Very pleased to discover the project

They are building an open free and neutral communication network for the people by the people (already pretty large in Catalonia).

I wish we would see more projects like this one around the globe.

Can we PLEASE get simpler CPUs again? I don't want none of that speculative execution crap anymore… #SWAPGS

Can we please stop using this proprietary US based service for libre software projects now?

"GitHub starts blocking developers in countries facing US trade sanctions"

@philipwhite There are developers working on a version of NixOS for the PinePhone, yes. :)

‘An operating system is a collection of things that don’t fit into a language. There shouldn’t be one.’

—Dan Ingalls, principal architect for #Smalltalk.

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