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through the looking glass of all your terrors, the sorrow that drives you to cower reflects the will that drives you to fight.

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I received an email from Google Maps

"A summary of your trips in 2019"

It's astonishing

There' s all, from small details like trips to the movies and meeting with people, trips to the beach, the trips to the sessions with my therapist

to medium trips like rides in Apulia with a friend last summer

to more subsantial travels: to Frankfurt, Athens, Palermo, Reggio Calabria

it's breathtaking


James Baldwin is a great author. I have to read more of his books.

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What is so bad about staring at the ceiling?

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Enormous #mushrooms. (Sorry, can't identify them, I'm a myco-appreciator.) October 2014.

#Mycology #mushroom

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in 2020 we're doing the kind of self improvement that's not driven by self hate & actually does you some good instead

I studied Philosophy and German literature. I live in Germany. I am interested in and . Also I look for connection to interesting and nice people I can learn from in . I love .

Hi Iam new here. Hope to meet interesting people here!

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