Lispers of all dialects!

Tomorrow CEST-morning the European Lisp Symposium ELS2021 finally starts.

Exciting schedule all day long, ending with a panel discussion on implementations of ANSI Common Lisp 🤩

Join us online with any of the options listed:

@commonlisp @scheme @racket

The ELS2021 programme is out! I am VERY excited about

⭐​ Nada Amin's keynote
"Staged Relational Interpreters: Running Backwards, Faster" ⭐​​

including logic programming, miniKanren, compilers from interpreters, and only good stuff!

Excerpt from the abstract:

> Bringing multi-stage programming to relational programming, we derive a relational compiler from the relational interpreter.


Full abstract on the symposium's website:

@lisp @scheme

😃​ online-lisp-meet coming up:

next Wednesday the 26th at 13CEST with

⭐​ Hayley Patton's "Techniques and Utilities for Farming Objects On The Net", about concurrent, distributed systems in common-lisp

All the details:


Hello, lispers!

47 minutes till the 6th online-lisp-meet with:

⭐️Jan Moringen about the new McCLIM inspector
⭐️ Hayley Patton about Netfarm, a distributed trustless object system

All the details:

Thanks to @phoe for organising! 🎉​🦎​

@lisp @commonlisp

Why don't more languages implement a condition system like common-lisp's, or dylan's, or smalltalk's?

Follow up question:
How essential is it to you to program in the debugger?

cc. @phoe

Hi all, I'm new at mastodon in general. I'm a lisper (mainly common lisp, novice schemer, love all the lisps). I work with Igalia's compiler team on WebAssembly formal spec and WebAssembly support in Firefox (c++). Free Open Source Software proponent, and free open knowledge for everyone. I am also a logician, used to work on set theory years ago.

Thanks @phoe for introducing me to functional cafe! Looking forward to fun times talking about any dialect.

Functional Café

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