Today is Igalia's 20th anniversary, celebrating 20 years of contributions to open and free software, as a successful egalitarian worker cooperative.

I joined Igalia almost two years ago, in which I did and continue to learn so many fascinating things, about language specification, about WebAssembly, about JS engines and compilers. But most importantly, about taking common decisions and truly working together as equals.

As I told my dear coworkers:

"Enjoying one's work is a fine thing, but being able to share common goals and such collegiality with you Igalians is certainly a dream come true."

@ioa Congratulations!
I applied once to Igalia some years ago. I wasn't prepared for the job, I lacked some knowledge I might have now but the process was great and the person I talked with encouraged me to keep studying and working as I was.
The best selection process I've ever been in.


@ekaitz_zarraga Thank you so much Ekaitz, also for your kind words. I hope you apply to us again.

@ioa :)
I'm a freelance now! But it would be really cool!

BTW: I discovered the company because RMS talked (in a talk in Spanish I don't remember which one) about companies doing free software and mentioned Igalia.

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