Hi all, I'm new at mastodon in general. I'm a lisper (mainly common lisp, novice schemer, love all the lisps). I work with Igalia's compiler team on WebAssembly formal spec and WebAssembly support in Firefox (c++). Free Open Source Software proponent, and free open knowledge for everyone. I am also a logician, used to work on set theory years ago.

Thanks @phoe for introducing me to functional cafe! Looking forward to fun times talking about any dialect.

@ioa Welcome! :-) I’m also a newcomer on the Fediverse.

@ioa Welcome. I would like to learn one Lisp dialect. What is your favorite Lisp and which one do you recommend?

Hi @danisantos ! I'm most comfortable with common lisp but I am certain any lisp is good to learn. 😀​

Do you have a particular project in mind (which might need a richer language for example, or lots of libraries), or are you in it for its raw power? 🤓​ Do you want to hack around an OS with it, or are you more into web stuff?

Cheers! ☯️​

@ioa Thank you for your feedback. What drives me into Lisp is its power and language. I guess I look as Lisp as a way to open my mind. I'm into web stuff, since I'm a web developer, although I like general purpose computer languages.

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