Calling all Lispers of all dialects: that time of the year has finally come again! 🤩​

On Monday and Tuesday join the European Lisp Symposium for two days of fun, learning, and inspiration. 🤓​

The programme:

Sadly this is another year I cannot join in-person, but thankfully it will be also online.

Do join us!

--- There will even be a bit of (embedded in Common Lisp). ❤️​

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Hello folks! It's the third Saturday of the month, which means that we've got a Hack & Craft event today from 14:00-16:00 ET (19:00-21:00 UTC)!

These events fall somewhere between a user group around FOSS and a craft circle.

Finally starting to catch up with the talks in the recent FOSSDEM I sadly missed live.

Of course I plan to watch all the talks from the Declarative and Minimalistic Computing devroom ❤️​.

First up I watched

"Lisp, but Beautiful; Lisp for Everyone" by Christine and Morgan Lemmer-Webber,

slightly worried they would say Lisp is not beautiful. 😁​

It was a really fun and engaging talk about why not more people are Lispers and how can we make them Lispers, about the journey of learning (not only Lisp), and about a proposed and carried out plan to remove parens for the people who dislike parens.

Also I think I've never seen two presenters in such good presentation flow! 👏 💯

Link to the talk:

Disclaimer: I love parens.

@lisp @commonlisp @scheme @guile @racket

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Mark Zuckerberg and team consider shutting down Facebook and Instagram in Europe if Meta can not process Europeans’ data on US servers

2022 is really starting to look up!

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The first version of my AMB library is now available on GitHub and loadable via ASDF. I think the code can be trusted for now; please give the manual a review though if you have a while!


Walking around, looking at how people wear their nose-mouth masks, and wondering:

Did any country/state show instructional tv spots, on how to properly wear these masks, wash hands, how air born viruses spread, etc?

I rarely get to watch tv but haven’t seen such a clip there.

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Happy December solstice to all! ☀️

Happy summer to the south hemisphere and winter to the north hemisphere. 🌕✨

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Looks like this whole #log4j debacle is going to be hard to address due to Java practices consisting in shipping binaries (jars) of unknown provenance.

Glad the one in #Guix is built from source, and now fixed:

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📢 If you’re into #Lisp, #Scheme, #Lua, or related languages, consider submitting a talk for #FOSDEM’s Declarative & Minimalistic Computing devroom: 👈

Deadline is Dec. 20th.

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Digital cash in an asynchronous environment

In which Spritely developer @tsyesika demonstrates a brilliantly simple asynchronous bank design!

Under two months left for submissions to the European Lisp Symposium. All Lisps Are Welcome! 🤓

🪄✨A wand of wishing in a shop in early game => 3 blessed scrolls of charging + wand of death => 💃

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I've built my first OCaml project and finished the first chapter of the OCaml book I'm reading.

I'm really liking the language, the tooling is good and it has the expressiveness of functional programming but has imperative programming syntax, something that doesn't exist in Haskell and I find very impractical sometimes.

Also, Emacs has nice integration with the language.

¡ `git branch --sort=creatordate` !!!!

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