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tl;dr: Ship every FOSS project with a "guix.scm" file.

These can be used to set up dev environments with
"guix environment -l guix.scm"

Projects built using Guix as a dev environment are free from the "binary-black-box-container-only" plague, healthier for user freedom!

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An amazing explanation:

"Reverse Engineering the source code of the BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine"

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@phoe @ioa @civodul I personally only watch with mpv, which will open a URL directly if youtube-dl is installed.

Pondering my use of the expression "happy to hear it" for something I only read. 🤔

Tomorrow is this year's last compilercompiler* talk by Yulia Startsev. Looking forward to it!

* Brilliant live hacking on SpiderMonkey, Firefox's JavaScript engine.

Live on Friday 11 December 2020 at 17:00CET:

Past talks:

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A friend of mine would like to organize an on line reading group for children and she'd like to publish a podcast

Where can she host her podcast ?


Should have posted this last week but here it is: the qemu advent calendar

My highlights so far are

- day 3: game in GW-BASIC, my first language ever (31 years ago), and

- day 4: bootRogue because I love nethack and this is just wow.

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Consider submitting a talk to the “#declarative and #minimalistic computing” devroom at #FOSDEM 2021! 👇

It’ll be a very different FOSDEM this year, but hopefully we can have packed videoconf rooms too (!), with more people from regions of the world usually underrepresented in Brussels.

#GNU #Guile #Mes #Guix #Scheme #Lisp

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Kandria, the 2D hack & slash platformer I've been working on now has a Steam page! Wishlisting would help a lot:

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[ANN] EmacsConf 2020 videos are out!

The EmacsConf 2020 videos are now ready. Thanks to everyone who helped
make it happen!

You can check out to find the videos,
Q&A, links, and notes for each talk.

Read the full announcement on the emacsconf-discuss mailing list archives:

#emacsconf #Emacs

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Asynchronous command execution, shrink, puffup, raise and burry window etc. #lisp #clim #mcclim

p.s mastodon allows uploading webm, and twitter doesn't. Clearly the elephant is a winner ;-)

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Corona Contact Tracing Germany jetzt auf F-Droid 🚀

Unabhängig von Google; microg-App nicht erforderlich. Ausschließlich freie Software, reproduzierbar kompiliert.

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I’m very happy that #Guix is welcoming Magali as a new #Outreachy intern!

Magali will be laying the foundation for a new command to browse package history.

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I've talked to some knowledgeable people today about control flow in , and discussed the ways in which the primitive CL control flow operators could possibly be implemented in WASM at some point in the future.

The talk was good but painfully short; I only had one hour, and there were lots of insightful questions. I barely touched the condition system and instead focused on the primitives.

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Nix, Racket, and Emacs user reading about Nix 

I've been a happy #Nix user since 2016 and I'm now planning a migration to #Guix, so I'm conscientiously reading .

I realize that the following two points which seem minor on the outside have actually a rather sizeable impact:

- using an existing language (Guile) vs. creating a new one (Nix): getting to carve your language precisely to your needs is an ultimate opportunity (and incidentally, that's one of the central features or Scheme ant Lisp), but in practice writing a library in a existing language and adding a couple macros feels more comfortable for a casual user like me; I feel I haven't given Nix enough use because I keep forgetting its syntax, and so I still do a lot of tiny things in shell scripts;

- homoiconicity, the classical Lispy code-is-data-because-everything-is-a-list-anyway thing seems to allow doing some cool stuff (, and in a orderly fashion, because Lisps have had an eternity to get homoiconicity right.

Can't wait to get my new machine and give Guix a real ride.

And shoutout to #Guix #developers for the excellent manual! (I am explicitly *not* comparing it to the Nix manual, which is very good as well.)
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I wanna write a small script for reading the currently playing song from DBus and then post it on Emacs with a single command 🙂

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