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@IzzyOnDroid Lemuroid is a GameBoy/Nintendo/* emulator. The client is named Lemmur :-)

@butcher in the screenshot I'm using a cli client for Trello and each new line is a different card, but your question remains valid as they are not encrypted. No idea.

@fabianhjr It's 10 years and 1 month (just checked!) that I keep my dotfiles repo updated, but I fear that most users don't get the purpose of it and just use git as backup tool.

Why the HELL do people push their ~/ config files to public git repositories 🤦‍♂️
I was looking for a specific file and I got access to the board of this guy. This is just one example... there are SO MANY and for all tastes (GitHub, Spotify, cookies ...)

(if you are wondering, I mailed the guy and got a 'thanks')

Uh, there's also Conduit that promises to be faster. I never thought that there could exist different server implementations out there

I can, I just said it needs more resources compared to e.g. prosody. I'm wrong?

@rimugu I think the Session is the "number one" here, but advocating for Session adoption is hard and at that point I would rather advocate for because I already know the protocol && it keeps evolving since 20 years && I can selfhost it. I can't selfhost Matrix with the same resources and I can't host Session with the same money.

In my mind (but I might be wrong) Matrix is my alternative to Slack, but not to WhatsApp. I mainly use
@matrix to join development channels, not to have chats with friends (still, I might be wrong and I should advocate for Matrix instead of $InstantMessaging)

I was caught in the mindset that was being replaced by privacyguides, sadly because i liked better.
Now it seems that this might not be the case and was a takeover attempt:

Session is decentralised.

But what does that really mean, and what does the network that powers Session actually look like?

Find out 👇


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