@rysiek you know, everytime I read a toot like that one I want to open the code and complete it, but real life makes things more complex 😕

@rysiek the mastodon branch in is someway usable, but it misses a lot of functionalities... 😞

provides an adblocker and I switched JavaScript off by default

wlroots-rs is the most exciting bit of it because it looks like something where I could contribute (wlroots and rust at once, wow!)

How the hell I didn't heard about -cooler before?! I'm sorry , but I'm in love with both and ... this looks wonderful!

At the end it's still based on wlroots, so please @sir forgive me.

Yes, disabling javascript is the way to go... However, I "simulate" https everywhere by periodically checking if my http quickmarks added https support, but it would be nice to have some "try-https-first" script in qutebrowser

What I really miss in are "HTTPS everywhere" and "Decentraleyes".

#davdroid is now called #DAVx5, read more about this here: davx5.com/faq/general/what-doe

You'll find it under the new name in #FDroid with the next update.

In Italy we have a way to say: "Chi mangia lenticchie l'ultimo dell'anno, avrà fortuna e tanti soldi tutto l'anno" (who eat lentil last of the year, will get luck and money all over the year). Do you know if that works with too? 😅

#MobiliZon : reprendre le pouvoir sur ce qui nous rassemble framablog.org/2018/12/11/mobil
Voici notre prochain projet, et une bonne raison de nous soutenir pour l’année à venir ! soutenir.framasoft.org

Nice! I just put my eyes on an USB rubber ducky...

May I know the reason of the switch?

If anyone of my followers want to give me a gift for this Christmas, well I'd like a USB Rubber Ducky my lovely donator :-)


Suddenly two keys of my x220 keyboard stopped to work. Do you think that I can recover them someway or do I need a keyboard replacement? (Cleaning the keyboard cable pins didn't work)

Namecheap added TOTP support. Well done Namecheap!

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