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Andrea Scarpino

I disabled [testing] repos because I cannot follow the dev threads anymore...

...I'm feeling old 😞

Regarding EFAIL and KMail: The vulnerability discovered in OpenPGP does not affect KMail users. But read this anyway:

Bitte folgt meinem Account @benediktg5, zu dem ich umgezogen bin.


Please follow my account @benediktg5.

Internet, 2002; claiming that you're over 18 so that websites will let you in.

Internet, 2018: claiming that you're under 16 and in the EU so that websites cannot track your data

The new CLOUD Act is a privacy intrusion that enables US authorities to request any data stored by American companies - even when stored on European servers. Stop using #Gmail, #Yahoo, #Outlook or any US email service. Switch now to keep your emails safe!

I have now followed the trend in the community and moved to @colomar to be closer to my Free Software peers. Please follow that account if you want to keep getting updates from me.

@AudioRCA unfortunately the development is stalled, not because I lost interest on it, but because I've no time :-(

RT Privacy cannot exist without free/open software. This is why ProtonMail is Open Source!

I AM MIGRATING TO @Mte90. This account will be closed on 6 of april!

"[..] the 0.5% of the user base [..]"

I'm very lucky! Still, thanks for letting me know this :-)

Wrong pianista (that's my account for choqok tests), I'll watch it this evening, thanks!

It looks like reveal.js with a custom theme

Today's lesson: Medium is bad. They've suspended our account and blocked access to all our published stories for bogus reasons and with only 12 hours notice.

KDE Connect now lets you use your computer's keyboard to type on your phone, reply to Whatsapp messages directly from Plasma, blacklist numbers from which you don't want to see notifications on your desktop, and more.

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