I'll do my best to release 1.7 next week (7th July), then I'll merge support into master and I do really hope to release 1.8 during this summer.

The website migration is still incomplete too: I've to restore comments and content's web pages need to be updated/adjusted.

We do also need a review of opened bugs and a list of things to be implemented (sorted by priority?).

If you want to help, there's a lot to do! Let's

@ilpianista Do you need help with the website migration? ;) I already have a KDE jekyll theme used for the moment only by

It looks great! I will apply it (next week) and I'll let you know if I've any issue with it. Thanks!

@ilpianista I started doing the migration, and I have one question :) Are the information still up to date (e.g reviewboard) or should I also update some of the information?

No, it isn't used anymore. Please update any information. Thank you!

I'll review them on Wednesday/Thursday

@ilpianista don't forget to submit it to to ship it with Flatpak to all the distros :) also Flathub's beta channel is very convenient to test new features for future releases

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