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I bought a dozen of "Original USB Condom"s. If anyone is interested I sell some for 8€ + shipping (I'm no earning from this); I'm based in Italy.

Ready for our live stream? Go to and be patient - the page auto-refreshes until our stream goes live - any minute now!
#bignews #staytuned

Yay! @grote has been working on a free software alternative for backups on Android \o/

"If Europe, through the GAIA-X initiative, would set a goal of 50% of government IT spending on open source, on-premises solutions by 2025 and 100% by 2030, Europe's Digital Sovereignty would be guaranteed and it would give its local businesses what is needed to catch up and make Europe a leading global digital player." #Europe #GAIAX #FreeSoftware #publicCode #digitalSovereignty

The Conversations app (the best XMPP messenger for mobile) will be video calling this year apparently. Color me excited.

TIL you can get your public IP by querying OpenDNS server:

`$ dig ANY +short`

Quick notice to ANSI #Pinebook Pro users: please do NOT update your keyboard/ trackpad firmware just yet. Thank you.

@plfiorini hi! Maybe these have already been asked, but I couldn't find the answers anywhere.
Does supports Wayland? Do you plan to implement some tiling feature?

Uh, does require postgresql which I would like to avoid (just to not install another database server). Maybe I could give a try instead.

I just realised that my website requires JS 🤫

Mainly because of , but I don't think it's ever possible to provide a comment service without using JS. Still, I should switch to .

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