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Google have suspended Element in the Play Store without notifying us; we're reaching out to find out what's going on. Apologies for the inconvenience; in the interim there's f-droid.org/en/packages/im.vec but it's a few versions behind. We'll post updates here.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/element_hq/status/

@sir FYI the HTTPS certificate of packages.knightos.org is expired

Set `accessibility.typeaheadfind.manual` to `false` to disable 's Quick find (`'` and `/` keys)

I am not using reddit under the username mar-v-in. And microG development will continue. gist.github.com/mar-v-in/ad8d2

Why are people making up such things?

Just released microG Services Core v0.2.12.203315 🎉
- Support for Exposure Notifications API as used by COVID-19 contact tracing apps.
- As always: tons of fixes and compatibility updates

Available on the microG F-Droid repository or via github.com/microg/android_pack

is closing both their GitLab instance and OBS. Every time I take a look at how far they have gone, I find out they made 2 steps back. It's a real pity. I was so proud of in 2013...


My X220 doesn't power on if no AC is connected and, once powered, if I plug off the AC it shutdowns immediately even if the battery is fully charged. What can it be!? `tlp -b` shows all the statistics about the battery so I don't think it's faulty.

Quite a few contributions to some external project this month 😉​

If my registrar doesn't support , is my only alternative? 😕​

Mmm... how do I know if my box does require the linux-firmware package? `dmesg | grep -i firmware` returns nothing...

In the specific case, I've a Black with just 2GB and the linux-firmware takes more than 500MB...

Curious about the history behind the launch of Snikket? Have a read of the latest Prosody blog post: blog.prosody.im/introducing-sn

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