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I bought a dozen of "Original USB Condom"s. If anyone is interested I sell some for 8€ + shipping (I'm no earning from this); I'm based in Italy.

@trunk Please add me to Devops, FLOSS, Free Software, Infosec, KDE, Linux, Privacy.

⚠️ Heads-up: the #EU is considering ways to regulate software that runs on radio-enabled devices due concerns about interferences.
Some of their solutions could significantly harm #postmarketOS, but also related project such as #UBports, #LineageOS and #Replicant (among others).

The initiative is now seeking feedback, don't hesitate to send them yours! It seems that Non-eu citizens can contribute as well. There's not much time left, so act quickly!

I patched base16-builder-ruby[1] because that's first project which comes into my mind that makes heavily use of YAML.load to parse 3rd-party yaml files, but I'm pretty sure there are a lot of them out there 😕


Purism announces a new product, Pureboot, available in 2nd quarter for Laptops + Librem key users providing a unique security service and experience. #ChooseFreedom

I moved from two page to one page and I must admit that it does its job way better. Less detailed, but every bit "matter" instead.

Hi this is going to be an official account for in the future #patience-please #Free #Libre #Open-source

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