Like: Punk JavaScript
Dislike: Corporate JavaScript

Views on JavaScript, 2021

I like
* writing JavaScript
* npm's build tools
* how easy it is to share small apps
* the speed of development when you keep things simple

I dislike
* culture of fashion trends
* flavor of the month complex framework
* brittleness of package system due to the two points above
* needless complexity
* defensiveness from the fashion trenders when you mention the needless complexity

Where we learn that most plastic is not recyclable

Claiming it was recyclable was a beautiful lie. A lie funded by the US plastic industry 🌈

I fond myself saying, "I want to use Pharo for the aesthetic experience". Valid for personal projects. Not a valid business reason

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Python is so aggressively practical that it is hard to justify using another language when doing web development

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PSA: using an ORM is not a substitute for understanding the SQL it generates. It is also not magically the cause or solution to all of your database woes. Learning your tools well pays dividends.

They took away our communities and gave us identities instead.

We feel so lonely that we embrace our market segmentation.

I am slowly working on creating a personal project for the first time in years. An ad server with ML capabilities. Elixir for traffic and Python for ML. Let's see how long I can sustain it :)

vim's ale package installs a default esperanto grammar check!!! 😲

"Coinbase just signed a deal with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) department to the tune of $1.36 million, for which it will provide ICE with data and analytics around how Americans are buying and spending various cryptocurrencies."

Nouveau début de petite série sobrement nommée T-shirt, avec un concept tout aussi sobre, qui j’espère, vous plaira :) Le RT serait 100 % coton. Enjoy ! 👕

The coding interview is an interview technique meant to show creativity and solving problem. This technique is known to be deeply flawed and unfair, yet many stick to it because "there is nothing better."

Thus proving that they, the interviewing engineers, lack creativity and solving problem skills.

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If you’ve ever been interested in being a coach/mentor for
@djangogirls now is your chance! October 24th, we’re hosting a full day workshop with help from @djangocon - entirely virtual, totally free!

Coach application form:

scrum went from a method to empower developers to a developer manipulation platform

I am reading about Go. I had skipped it before because it was boring. Now it seems attractive because it is boring

You can't stand on the shoulders of giants when our disruption narrative insists that we kick the giants on the shins and celebrates us clumsily standing on our tiptoes

For all of the talk about disruption, a lot of the creative, breathtaking ideas in computing were thought up 40 to 50 years ago.

It would be nice to have math workshops for adults. Ones that teach what makes the mathematical method so powerful, and how to apply it.

Our brains are physically mature for math around 25, and that is when we stop learning math in our culture.

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