I am reading about Go. I had skipped it before because it was boring. Now it seems attractive because it is boring

You can't stand on the shoulders of giants when our disruption narrative insists that we kick the giants on the shins and celebrates us clumsily standing on our tiptoes

For all of the talk about disruption, a lot of the creative, breathtaking ideas in computing were thought up 40 to 50 years ago.

It would be nice to have math workshops for adults. Ones that teach what makes the mathematical method so powerful, and how to apply it.

Our brains are physically mature for math around 25, and that is when we stop learning math in our culture.

I found a production error that would never made it to production if I had been working with a typed language. I needed to

Types are tests and documentation all rolled into one

I am the most productive when I turn off slack.

Slack, where work doesn't get done

All languages have weird corners due to implementations. It is only in the successful languages that those are found out

Algorithms != coding != software engineering

I know this is true, but sometimes I have crises of faith

It seems sad that you can either get good at solving algos problems of designing software.

I need to hit the reset button. Yesterday was too much.

Working with Docker reminds me how my late father-in-law's favorite fairy tale story was The Emperor has No Clothes.

My favorite part about docker is the mascot and toy container ships

I have found it hard to write technical blogs. It points that in some sphere in my current life speaking candidly is not acceptable.

This is the perfect environment for test-driven development… which isn’t surprising, since Kent Beck wrote SUnit for Smalltalk.

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The culture of anti-Blackness is very distinctive. I understand in some social circles it has been normalized, but to anyone that hasn't been socialized in this way, it is very, very obvious.

One of the key behaviors is the absolute lack of respect that is always deployed against people you don't know.

Being wildly rude, dismisses and hostile to a person that you are not familiar with in any way is indicative of an underlying bias b/c there is no reason to approach a person like that.

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So. Yesterday, there was a bunch of layoffs and I was one of the people affected. I’m definitely open to talking about next opportunities but I won’t be ready to work until June 15th. Hit me up for a resume / talk. I will say, having a union made this process SO MUCH easier. (v2.jacky.wtf/post/999c6013-df4)

I am at the point where I don’t care to proselytize better technology and techniques.

If people use a buggy stack, that means a business advantage if you are using better languages and tools.

This is the right time to exploit the currents dev fads.

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