I often forget how much mental and physical energy concentrating for dev work takes.

I noticed it again today because I was hesitating a bit starting a task because I l know I will be exhausted by the end of it.

Can our portuguese speaking members help me find memes in portuguese?

I am back on my workaholic ways. It feels good to focus on trivialities rather than reality

Knowing that Elixir is a Lisp makes it easier to work with Elixir. Now fully understanding that Ruby is a Smalltalk is making it easier to work with Ruby

Three years ago I saw what good documentation was. I decided to start writing documentation following those models.

Three later it feels wrong not to do it. So today I feel grateful to those that influenced me to do this. That would be the Elixir hexdocs, the How to Design Programs, and to Andrew Trask, who wrote Grokking Deep Learning.

For years I wanted some cool ruby environment for gui development. I found it. It is called

I have reached the Sisyphus stage with this bug. It feels like pushing a rock up so that it can tumble back down

The fun part about debugging a hard to track bug is how it glows green with radioactivity, and no one in the team wants to get near you or the problem.

Categories talks about grammar, how to classify knowledge, understanding the tools for thinking, and how to think about existence. These seems to intermingle. Sections that start discussing grammar end up discussing existence.

Perhaps Aristotle found it useful that the same language could be used for different subjects, since he seems to apply it to different subjects.


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I finished reading Aristotle’s Categories yesterday.

Aristotle seems fiercely materialistic. His outlook feels closer to modern scientific thought than to religious ideas, the way Plato reads. His methodology is strongly influenced by geometry on the one hand and teasing out the nature of things via definitions, like Socrates, on the other.


I should write and blog. Yet perfectionism and self shaming keeps me from doing it

Using react on your little app because fb uses it is like a builder using a giant crane to build a cottage because they use them for building skyscrapers

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I can’t believe how testing was talked so much in the ruby world while rails is so hard to test.

Talk about great PR.

The fizzbuzz blog from 2007 is a case of doing a test and having your prejudices coloring the interpretation.

What it shows is that people under a stressful situation can’t solve trivia puzzles that are not related to their day to day work.

What they think it does is confirm their worldview that most people are stupid or liars. And unlike them, they do belong to the priestly cast worthy of making business forms for a living.


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Nah. Open source is everywhere because it has been fully assimilated into neoliberalism as a cost-saving measure. If open source had truly won, computing resources would be fully socialized and the world's information infrastructure wouldn't be dependent on for-profit companies. twitter.com/github/status/1194

React’s render templating is PHP’s revenge.

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