Yalitza Aparicio talks to @Carlos_Film
about her "slow moving" acting career and her fight for Mexico's indigenous directors:

“My objective in my career is to give visibility to all of us who have been kept in the dark for so long."

It seems sad that you can either get good at solving algos problems of designing software.

I need to hit the reset button. Yesterday was too much.

Working with Docker reminds me how my late father-in-law's favorite fairy tale story was The Emperor has No Clothes.

My favorite part about docker is the mascot and toy container ships

I have found it hard to write technical blogs. It points that in some sphere in my current life speaking candidly is not acceptable.

This is the perfect environment for test-driven development… which isn’t surprising, since Kent Beck wrote SUnit for Smalltalk.

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The culture of anti-Blackness is very distinctive. I understand in some social circles it has been normalized, but to anyone that hasn't been socialized in this way, it is very, very obvious.

One of the key behaviors is the absolute lack of respect that is always deployed against people you don't know.

Being wildly rude, dismisses and hostile to a person that you are not familiar with in any way is indicative of an underlying bias b/c there is no reason to approach a person like that.

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So. Yesterday, there was a bunch of layoffs and I was one of the people affected. I’m definitely open to talking about next opportunities but I won’t be ready to work until June 15th. Hit me up for a resume / talk. I will say, having a union made this process SO MUCH easier. (v2.jacky.wtf/post/999c6013-df4)

I am at the point where I don’t care to proselytize better technology and techniques.

If people use a buggy stack, that means a business advantage if you are using better languages and tools.

This is the right time to exploit the currents dev fads.

Building containers for Rails gives you the development flow of a compiled language with the high performance of a dynamic one

Does the west even make "healing stories"? Japan has pretty much made a whole genre of it, but I can't think of any stories from America or Europe where all the characters are respectful of one another and get along, nothing terrible happens to anyone, and the purpose is just to make the viewer/reader feel calm. Western stories are always centered around some sort of conflict, and at least in my public education I was never taught that a story can be written any other way.

I wrote a simple parser for simple mathematical expressions. It is buggy, but I got the main idea right.

Now I feel like I have a new super power :D

I am listening to Trans Europe Express by Kraftwerk. I am listening to Abzug. 4 minutes of solid goosebumps.

The coding interview’s main function is not finding qualified people but to make getting a dev job so costly devs will avoid looking for another job

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