I told my 19-year-old that they can use vim or emacs, I still love them no matter what

I am trying rails again for a small project. In the mid 2000s rails was amazing because you could get so much done with so little effort.
I find rails amazing in 2022 because you can get so much done with so little effort

EU citizens, remember that you have the right to be forgotten. If you’re closing your Twitter account, you can write to them and tell them to delete your data and your account permanently and they must comply. You don’t have to leave your data with Musk if you don’t want to.


#twitter #eu #legal #rightToBeForgotten

I once thought about an RPG where you play a high school kid forming a rock band for the battle of the bands. I still think it would be neat.

I just learned how the different 7th chords create the same pattern when you move your hand to coincide with the root note in the . Although it makes sense, it feels me with such happiness and satisfaction.

The whole day tired. Guess who is getting energy right before bed time?

@platypus @t54r4n1 They are LARPs! They're almost always a totally different skillset than the one that'll be needed in the job itself.

One of the advantages of dynamic languages is that one can sketch and draft ideas with code. You can iterate on code design very quickly.
They are like the pencils of coding. Many times a pencil sketch is good enough. Sometimes you need CAD diagrams. Claiming that CAD is superior to a pencil is strange because they are both used for different purposes.

I am up, I am trying to focus. I can't. I think I have some minor virus. Sometimes all what one can do it accept it. Instead of writing or programming I will read.

I have an idea for a small community web app. I will see long I can go developing on trust

Turning on all the HIRE MARK bat-signals again.

You want some Javascript, Scheme, Python, Objective-C written? You want it to actually work, because I know how to write tests?!

You need a Certified Scrum Master who'd rather just make some XP story cards and write some code?

My rates are high but not FAMANG high. And for some things much more reasonable.


Creating useful, small apps is a lot faster if you bypass the ceremonial infrastructure.

In the last month I made two small JavaScript apps. No node. No react. No framework. No webpack. No npm dependency jenga.

Are they pretty? No. Are they useful? yes

If a tool slows your work down, stop using that tool. I am looking at you, Docker

RT @ThatAndromeda
So! Having finished my Library of Congress contract, I am trying to figure out what to do next. Maybe you want to hire me? Maybe you know where I should look/whom to meet?

tl;dr I have a decade+ of software eng & library experience and some 🎉bonus skills🎉; details in 🧵 (1/)

This morning I was working in racket on a personal project. I switched to JavaScript for work.

It feels like when you are driving on recently laid down asphalt, and then you turn into the poorly funded municipal road filled with potholes.

JavaScript is like a drunken Lisp tripping over a cluttered house when it tries to get a glass of water in the middle of the night

Wow, the contrachrome comics by @leah are just... incredible: contrachrome.com/

I remember the original Scott McCloud comic and how cool it made Chrome seem, but also even then I felt unsettled by Google in particular making it. Since then, things have only gotten more unsettling.

Incredibly done and cleverly subversive. Nice work @leah! Dang.

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