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Neanderthal 0.44.0 released with CUDA 11.6 support! High performance programming, matrices, and linear algebra in #Clojure on CPU & GPU. @cljtogether
Good tools need great tutorials; there's tons in Clojure, including two books!

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Depresssingly, this quote from 1984 is even more true today than it was then.

We're excited to announce that Håkan's @strangeloop_stl talk has been accepted!

Three years of research, thinking, and development (toward the imminent XTDB 2.x) is going into this talk. Be ready for a consolidated brain upload.

Starting in the middle of the #hytradboi talks. As graph database fans, we love this implementation of a simple JSON-based graph database on top of SQLite by Denis Papathanasiou:

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15/34 hytradboi.com/2022/simple-grap

Every one of these is worth ten minutes of your time. We'll comment a bit on them individually while we anxiously await next year's @hytradboi 🥫

Huge thanks to all of the speakers who put so much energy and thought into this event! 🙏
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All of the talks are now up at hytradboi.com?42

devs will be happy to know that XTDB has a Mastodon account.


Clay, a way to write Clojure data science notebook value renderers that are portable across the land scicloj.github.io/clay/ | lobste.rs/s/fuuyra #clojure

I made that game in high school on a computer l borrowed from a Friend. (because I didn't own one)


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"Babashka is a scripting environment made with Clojure, compiled to native with GraalVM. The primary benefits of using babashka for scripting compared to the JVM are fast startup time and low memory consumption. Babashka comes with batteries included and packs libraries like clojure.tools.cli for parsing command line arguments and cheshire for working with JSON. Moreover, it can be installed just by downloading a self-contained binary."

#babashka #clojure

Today's fun activity : try to say how old you are only by talking tech.

I used to code in Java 1.3

3 cours pour débutants en Français sur Clojure.

3 tutorial videos for beginners in French about Clojure.


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