Had a quick look at stumpwm. I don't know if it is widely used; being written in Common Lisp it is highly hackable (at least for those who knows CL). But xmonad(my wm of choice for years) seems to be more stable and compliant. Mainly I am wandering if stumpwm nowadays is stable enough for daily stuff, including apps with floating windows like Gimp or games (to run in full screen) and multiple monitors support. Anyone has any experience with it?

[Anti]Social platform needed

Im thinking to host something for my family, friends and their families to share photos, videos, posts, discussions. So to speak closed facebook or diaspora.

- Videos, Photoes posting
- Mobile friendly, preferrably with mobile app (people don't use computers nowadays to take and share a photo)
- Likes functionality
- Unicode
- Self hosted
- Possibility to close entirely from outside networks - it is a private thing for families who dont want to share their stuff on Facebook
- Easy to install
- Relatively actively maintained.

Anything which could fulfill all the requirements exists?

"Your home timeline is empty!"
What happened to the instance, is it bug or we have migrated or how ? Please @mdallastella let us know by e-mail or by other means if we need to change to another domain/system etc or login somewhere else?

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Latest experimental release of Climaxima. If any maths-oriented people would like to provide criticism, I would be very grateful.


Congratulations everyone with upcoming (or started for some) New Year and have all your wishes fulfilled in upcoming 2019.
Have a fun witn friends/beloved ones!

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