Manifest for @dthompson's was added to pages examples repo It looks like the easiest way to automatically deploy Haunt static sites. As an extra bonus the build is running on

The is now hosted on pages. allowed to publish it automatically using thanks to @dhruvin The change I had to make was vendoring the css framework as as sourcehut pages Content Security Policy prevents from using CDNs.

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also I found this other site called "typeset in the future" and they have a cool analysis of Alien, among other things.

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As a quick exercise in and I made Thanks @dthompson for the tool, and @bendersteed for nice, right-size example.

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The *Zones of Thought* series, starting with *A Fire Upon the Deep*, should be mandatory reading for anyone with spare time and an interest in networking (esp. application-level protocols like Usenet) and emergent intelligence. Reading them right now and holy shit this is amazing.

Thanks to @cwebber for the beautiful ascii art that is the base of my profile picture. Used under CC0 1.0 nb. I tried to put information about the authorship somewhere on my profile but found no suitable place for it.

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