My favourite book excerpts: a thread

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X Windows is the Iran-Contra of graphical user interfaces: a tragedy of
political compromises, entangled alliances, marketing hype, and just plain
greed. X Windows is to memory as Ronald Reagan was to money. Years of
“Voodoo Ergonomics” have resulted in an unprecedented memory deficit
of gargantuan proportions. Divisive dependencies, distributed deadlocks,
and partisan protocols have tightened gridlocks, aggravated race condi-
tions, and promulgated double standards.

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13.1 Introduction

In a talk at the Kleene symposium, in 1978, Morley stated the following result
(he acknowledged that it had been discovered independently by a number of
other mathematicians).

Theorem 13.1 Recursion theory is very hard.

Many of the results and problems in computability theory (recursion theory)
have statements which can be readily understood. It is the proofs which are
hard, especially certain priority constructions. We have already given several

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Note: While it is not an error to compare inexact numbers
using these predicates, the results may be unreliable because a
small inaccuracy may affect the result; this is especially true of
= and zero?. When in doubt, consult a numerical analyst.

@erkin thanks. This has permanently altered the way I pronounce oop now

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