The year is 2020, and most people still see no difference between existential and universal quantifier.

git config --global alias.oops 'reset --hard HEAD^'

git oops

Oh god, I'm tempted to take my friend up on the idea of a 200km #cycle on Saturday! He wants to set a new record.

formal methods & C++ 

@amiloradovsky I’d be surprised if C++’s dark corners got less mind-boggling than it was 20 years ago, where a 1000+ page hard to read document was describing them...

Got a lot of hate for and it was kind of bringing me down

Then I reviewed 20 patches in aerc and remembered how cash money plaintext code reviews are

This shit is great, plaintext 5ever, fuck the haters yo

Oh yes, the heatwave still to arrive tomorrow, with +28, and to cool down to +22 Monday :)

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sometimes it pays off to go so far North as Tallinn in summer - air temperature 24 degrees Celsius, sea water 23, sunny, we picked raspberries and blueberries in the pine forest on the way to the beach :)

@amiloradovsky @LN maybe I should get one to get over my recent writer’s block :)

spent about 10 hours preparing a job application... duh

@amiloradovsky @LN typical modern fountain pens don’t allow this, you need more special stuff...

@gentoo - for how long repo rsync will be down?
# ping
ping: Temporary failure in name resolution


Oh my, someone finally went and broke the OpenPGP SKS Keyservers. Or rather, put garbage in them which in turn breaks GnuPG.

I've updated #Mailpile to cope, details and discussion are here:

Every time someone says "Install this <Video App> for the MeetUp", I die a bit inside.

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