Is there a standardized way to get the KVM (user interface) with just & co. Without any web, JVM, and/or proprietary apps?

Though I can run these in IceCat, via icedtea(-web), and a chroot/container/VM respectively, I expect the standards-based utilities, like `ipmitool`, to be enough for everything, not just a tiny subset of management tasks. Those vendor-specific apps really stink.

@loke isn't it the usual adware crap? their oh so clever AI thinks you might buy stuff, and tries to figure out what to play for you to trigger your buying spree. It could actually be metal that you buy...

That's fun. The garbage OS running in the tiny ARM in this MacBook Pro keeps crashing and bringing the entire system down. So I reset the SMC to get its stupid second OS into a hopefully better state.

Now MacOS Vista is asking me for permission to access files constantly. I guess it's the garbage coprocessor that keeps track of that.

I wish I just had a PC running Linux.

When someone leaves a bunch of garbage, including their username, in the RPATH of a production executable, it's reasonable time just email them directly, right?

Emacs has started ignoring my dead keys again. Can someone convince jwz to fork it, it's just been getting worse with time.

Maybe it is time to make providers responsible for the content they carry. Give some leeway time to mark content as inappropriate and moderate it (if necessary) but, if it isn't taken down, the provider gets fined.

Adding to something you can’t live without: stretchy parentheses! (and all other vertically stretchable glyphs)

Hello ,
Thanks to now has its own status page at where you can see if the main site has any problem and keep updated with the resolutions.

re: obsolete hardware and libre software 

@amiloradovsky we at sagemath still run 32-bit buildbots on Ubuntu, I think.

"I agree", an interesting project from 2018 by Dima Yarovinsky were he printed “terms of service” of the leading online services that we use on a daily basis on A4 to show how small and helpless we are against those.

re: SolarWinds hack, propaganda 

@vortex_egg we know that SolarWinds outsouced coding to Belarus, and given the friendly terms of the regime there with Russia, it would guarantee you the best backdoors, spyware, etc in the world...

re: music (-) 

@amiloradovsky e.g. one can listen to a substantial part of Bach here, for free etc.
(probably one should youtube-dl all of that content...)

re: music (-) 

@amiloradovsky I cannot believe one cannot find enough for free to listen to. Maybe one should start a mastodon music sharing group...

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