friday evening 22:00, and I finally have NIST P-256 ECDSA sign and verify up and running with test vectors in #OCaml using no gmp (or other bignum libraries), but only proven (with Coq) code that does computations over p and n in constant time (using \o/

re: computers 

@dimpase Agreed. I won't consider CMake any time soon, I expect. looks better, but it's still dependency on Python, under permissive license, and it's development happens on the silos, ATM. So I can't be super excited about it either.

I wish there was a build system a la Autotools but in . To complement and replace in projects finally.


I actually have no `sudo` on my machines: `su` and `pkexec` are the closest things. Entering the password each time is tedious, I don't understand it's config, and if we want to grant a mediocre privileges to a user, the capabilities(7) is the way to go.


Status: learning

What the scripts are going to replace is way worse. And I don't have time to perform comparative analysis of the gazillion presumably better replacements.


Sleep is essentially turning the brain off and on again. Fixes many problems, unless it's something serious.

It's ironic that in the bluesky report, there is only a single contributor that has a non-twitter handle (@Gargron of course) :

Seems like Twitter is literally putting their money where their mouth is.


Now that we have your attention, remember we are on our 2021 fundraising drive! If you can afford it, please donate the cost of one apple

In the last few days, I've spent time trying to write some C code for RiscOS.

It's kind of neat, very different from other systems I know, and really brings back the same feeling of discovery as when I started programming on the C64 and later the ST.

I'm not sure what my end goal is. Right now I just want to be able to successfully open a window. I'm getting there, slowly.

GitHub’s head of HR resigns in light of termination of Jewish employee - A GitHub internal investigation has revealed the company made “significant errors of judgment and pr... - #diversity #github #labor

If I care about #privacy, which option should I choose? Self hosted #mail, or a provider?

I've heard self hosting email should be very painful. And there are a lot provider who claim they value privacy.

So which provider or software for self hosting do you use and recommend?

I can’t believe that in [current year] basic features like [literally hardest problem to solve] isn’t fixed yet. Absolute laziness on the part of [massively underfunded open source org]


Is there a standardized way to get the KVM (user interface) with just & co. Without any web, JVM, and/or proprietary apps?

Though I can run these in IceCat, via icedtea(-web), and a chroot/container/VM respectively, I expect the standards-based utilities, like `ipmitool`, to be enough for everything, not just a tiny subset of management tasks. Those vendor-specific apps really stink.

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