Interesting article, and the sentence that rang the most true to me was the following:

But to some extent, it feels like a big part of C++ committee and the ecosystem is focused on “complexity” in terms of showing off or proving their worth.

OK, I'm not a fan of Apple for many reasons, especially for their treatment of developers on their platforms. Just when you thought they couldn't be more evil:

Russia declares editor who delved into Navalny poisoning a wanted man, he says

The editor of a Russian news outlet that angered the Kremlin with its investigations, including into the poisoning of opposition politician Alexei #Navalny said the authorities had declared him a wanted man.

Roman Dobrokhotov, editor-in-chief of The Insider, told Reuters the authorities had accused him of illegally crossing the border to leave #russia.


Facebook Outage Sends QAnon Followers into Conspiracy Frenzy

QAnon conspiracy theorists were sent into a frenzy after Facebook and other social media apps went down for several hours.

#qanon #qanoncult #QAnonsense #conspiracytheory #cult45 #news #facebook #facebookdown #facebookstaydown

I turn on my PC.

The local wildlife are immediately sterilised by the excessive output from my four exposed nuclear reactors running at a critically risky heat output.

The sound of 10,000 cooling fans deafens the city’s morning traffic as my warehouse of 500 parallel-chained AMD Razer Threadrippers bursts into life, forming the equivalent processing power of 2015 in one room.

Nearby, my cluster of Nvidia 5090 Test Cards begins to warp the local time continuum as they calculate answers man was never meant to know.

Very gently, I open Microsoft Teams.

Instantly, the already deafening noise of fans increases to a murderous wail as they try to keep my equipment at operating temperatures. A nuclear reactors’ fusion catches up with its cooling and explodes destroying the lives of millions. The floor begins to melt away as my processors over clocked ten-fold reach critical mass and descend directly into hell. My Nvidia cluster collapses into a singularity and begins to devour the planet.

Quickly now, I open a text chat, it’s a bit laggy.

The sheer struggle of loading some text destroys the remaining systems. Me and my equipment are deleted from reality by an unknown overseer.

Humanity is not ready for instant messaging

corporations love to spend thousands of dollars on top-of-the-line equipment for their employees so they can run intensive compute workloads such as Slack

It's time for everyone to make sure they have pgp key pairs accessible and backed up. And we should dust off those old gpg tutorials and make sure things are understandable to new users.

I didn't really believe it when people were claiming that End-to-end Encrypted chat relegated pgp to the museum. And it seems our old friend will be needed again.

get fedi hired (me) 

I am a currently full-time Ph.D. student living on student loans. Last year I was a GTA until shit hit the fan and I quit. I need employment so I can prove to the state in an Affidavit of Support that I can financially support my future spouse who is immigrating.

Can you or your associate(s) hire me?

I have valuable skills in:

  • software engineering: any language, but FP is preferred
  • systems engineering (my program of study!) including model-based architecture
  • consulting (engineering/innovation/strategy)
  • website development: WordPress, static site-generated, custom web applications
  • system administration (Linux/OpenBSD)
  • technical writing (hire me to write your documentation!)

Please DM me for further details about my professional background, and to send information about an opening. Paid worker-owned co-op positions will get preference.

#fediHired #getFediHired :boost_requested:

Impact factor abandoned by Dutch university in hiring and promotion decisions — Nature

A Dutch university says it is formally abandoning the impact factor — a standard measure of scientific success — in all hiring and promotion decisions. By early 2022, every department at Utrecht University in the Netherlands will judge its scholars by other standards, including their commitment to teamwork and their efforts to promote open science, says Paul Boselie, a governance researcher and the project leader for the university’s new Recognition and Rewards scheme. “Impact factors don’t really reflect the quality of an individual researcher or academic,” he says. “We have a strong belief that something has to change, and abandoning the impact factor is one of those changes.”

#academy #openscience

After cleaning up a barn where three horses do IO on a lot of hay, I can finally fathom how the garbage collector must feel when I feed it a #haskell program

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