I would like a pet crow. A pet I could respect. (maybe)

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@juliobiason Yeah we do the Haskell ones at our Haskell meetup.

Made a Manyverse "account". Nice Android app! But I have no friends there so it's kinda lonely. Mastadon has the place to see all posts on your server, which is quite nice.

I had a blood draw this morning. I got light-headed and passed out, spent an hour in the ER regaining my strength. Doctor said it's a relatively common occurrence. Whew, what a ride that was.

Just now I learned that "an enterprise bean is a server-side component that encapsulates the business logic of an application".


This is way different than how I colloquially came to understand it, which is that it's a data type for a domain object.

Wow, is that a symptom of a poorly designed ontology? One in which terms lose useful/appropriate meaning over time? Or one in which the layperson never really understood the term, and propagated incorrect understanding?

Trying to think of a better term for what the Java Enterprise people call a "bean" than just a "data type".

A record? That would give an image of a relational database record, which is a labeled set of *primitive types*, whereas the records in type theory, I think, have arbitrary types.

The term "data type" doesn't work because it's a domain-agnostic term, where the "bean" term means *something*.

"In other words -- the decision of how to describe things preceded the reflection of what to describe."

- An Experiment with Denotational Semantics by Andrzej Blikle

I spent over an hour last night searching Amazon and Newegg for a USB Type-C splitter. My Macbook has only 2 USB Type-C ports but I have 3 things to plug in. None! Only products which split a USB Type-C into USB Type-A ports.

@tfb Fun to look complain about inconveniences, ha.

Oh also the memory management on Mac seems nice, due to its swap, but when I have a high memory desktop session, it takes forever to wake from sleep. I can't even enter my password to login.

And the daily notification to sign into the App store to install updates is annoying. I don't want to tie my personal Apple ID to my work machine, so I have never signed in to App Store yet. (I think).

@tfb Oh yeah the consistent keyboard shortcuts are nice, but I prefer Window's alt-tab over Mac's. Also, I use the Command key a lot, and it's in an awkward place for my pinky finger to hit it.

The USB detection on Mac has given me more troubles than Windows has.

It's been annoying to have iTunes opened up when I accidentally press the Play/Pause key, because I don't ever use that app.

@juliobiason @deejoe Probably just an emotional answer, temporary to the time immediately following the distress?

I've used a Mac for work for the last few years. I don't see what's so great about it. The Unix command line is nice, but the OS itself is equally annoying as Windows.

Upgraded too from Nexus 5x to OnePlus 7. Night and day difference. The one OP7 is so powerful. So worth it. Got the Chinese non-Pro model and saved a few hundred dollars.

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