The average American football game contains just 18 minutes of actual gameplay. #SuperBowlLIV

Every evening at 10 PM in the neighborhood of Flogsta in Uppsala, Sweden, students go to the windows and scream.

The university claims it provides "a much needed safety valve" for stressed students.

Holy shit Wikipedia is finally unblocked in Turkey

Eleven companies that own nearly every product in the grocery store.

An ESCHER SENTENCE is a sentence that initially seems acceptable, but on closer reading, doesn't make any sense - such as "More people have been to Russia than I have".

Me, to self: Oh, Conor McBride is posting on this Coq vs Lean pissing match thread. I bet he'll have something insightful to say.

Conor: Ah, politics

Me: insightful, but not what I was hoping for 😛

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