TIL: You can start `bc` with the flag `-l` to load the math library and support fixed precision decimal number (the default scale is 20).


I hereby withdraw hereby any endorsement for 1Password I have ever given. It is no longer possible for me to user 1Password in a way that I consider compliant with laws and customer contracts. A software that only works with their own cloud vault is IMHO completely useless, a security risk and prime example of corporate greed. I am sorry to see a company, which I held in high regard, go down this way.


Hey folks, just a quick reminder that the instance has a matrix channel if you want to jump in and say hi:


Eventually it happened, I'm an adult... I just ordered a mechanical keyboard.

"The hacker ethics evolved in a time when computers were scarce; and the people sharing a machine had to think about rules of cooperation."

`pwgen -H ~/.ssh/id_rsa#zalendo.com -N 1 -s 16`

How much do you trust your SSH key?

"The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for."
-- Bob Marley

"When we write programs that "learn", it turns out we do and they don't."
-- Alan Perlis

I made a website for my programming language. When I explained earlier that I have no design skills, this is what I'm talking about.

Perhaps it can be seen as a particularly good example of brutalist web design? I mean, if one wants to put a more positive spin on it. 🙂

Also, I guess it loads quickly.

Anyone willing to make it look better for a reasonable compensation? (assuming it's within my budget)


I admit back in the late 1990s, early 2000s, with Open Source becoming a thing, I did feel like there was a chance for the Internet to truly decentralise and for money to not be its motivating power.

But now cryptocurrency has hijacked the brains of even the people who once were interested in decentralised systems.

There's got to be a new way forward from this whole mess somehow. But how?

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We aren't *writing* code, are we?

We are composing code, like a musical composer arrange a piece.

Here's some space for your most controversial programming/tech opinion:

Heavy metal legends and outspoken copyright maximalists Metallica played a concert on Twitch, only to find their audio replaced with royalty-free chiptune library music by an automated copyright filter:



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