We can do some serious functional machine learning with mxnet and now with wrappers for XGBoost! Please let me know if you have any issue using them or some improvement proposal

Just a peek to the almost released clj-boost library: use the power of from your REPL!

(This will be my first serious library)

TIL: 's `doto` macro is really useful to work with Java mutable objects!

Video link to a singing hippy 

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" The stability of Common Lisp means that sometimes libraries can just be *done*, not abandoned, so don’t dismiss them out of hand." stevelosh.com/blog/2018/08/a-r

This is a Python library that tries to replicate functional pipelines github.com/kkyon/databot

Luckily I just need

Is there anyone using for machine learning/data engineering? I would like to try some stuff and evaluate performance, but some introductory materials on the topic would be nice

I'm on @alan as well. Let's see how it goes with 2 different instances, it's still not clear to me how to properly manage them 😅

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