I started reading Max Pumperla and Kevin Ferguson's book “Deep Learning and the Game of Go” yesterday. I wish it was a bit heavier on the maths and used Julia rather than Python (I'm stubbornly going to try to work through the book using Julia anyway), but nevertheless, this is the most fun tech book I’ve seen in a long while. Highly recommended.

Are toots a thing? I didn’t know, but all right, here’s mine:

I’m Tord Romstad, best known for the open source chess engine Stockfish. Most people believe I’m a C++ guy, but actually my native language is Common Lisp. These days I do mostly Clojure(Script), with some low-level work in Rust, while trying to learn Julia on the side.

I’m a mathematician by education. I like chess, sprinting, jumping, weightlifting, traveling, classical music and sci-fi.

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