I can already see:

A stranger stops in front of you. They pick their backpack and open it. They take the Steamdeck out of it and shove it in your face.


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Two years ago I started a thread on the Fediverse that finally become "Things I Learnt The Hard Way (in 30 Years of Software Development)": books.juliobiason.me/things-i-

I still writing things there sometimes.


This is a perfectly normal way to end a 65 line procedure, I don't see the problem

I have a question about software edition.
What development environment do you know that are model-oriented instead of source-oriented ?

The idea is that instead of editing source code files directly, you edit a model from which you generate the source code of your software (eventually, it also allows you to generate other things from the model like documentation, diagrams, etc.).

On the bottom of my mouse there's a US patent number, and searching for it brings me to this lil guy

I must be getting sleepy because I accidentally invented a new C type called 'long void'.

Do you like and but wish you could have both? Well, look no further because now we have KNOME!

I tried to update social.surfnet.space. It's completely broken now...

I was planning to reset the server next month (and move away from Mastodon). This will happen today and in the next days instead.

Do you want drama? Here's some.


TL;DR a popular JS library will display paid ads right in your terminal when you run your code.

eye contact 

Ah yes the famous traditional ramen recipe

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