tenpo ni la toki.social li open! sina sona e pakala la o toki! sina ali li pona tawa mi! ☺️

Disabled trans woman looking for roommates in Greater Boston Area by September 1st; please boost 

In Quincy, looking for 1-2 roommates who can help cover $2100/month rent ($700 per bedroom, includes electricity) and ~$90/month utilities (water/gas/internet, cheapest avg month $40, most expensive $125. I’m likely to be eligible for heat assistance during winter). 3 bedrooms (2 available), 1 bath. No pets, no smoking, vaping probably fine. I cannot pay any more than my share of rent+utilities due to limited disability income

Ideally looking for other queer roommates, who can keep the shared kitchen and other spaces clean/free of dishes regularly. I am generally quiet and keep to myself, but also am open to friendly interaction, including occasionally sharing food or such. I am disabled, and occasionally require assistance in moving heavy objects, including my monthly medical supply shipment. (Delivered to the front porch, getting it into the apartment is difficult)

Please DM for pictures or other details

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