So this is kind of weird.

SICP was a major factor in leading me to Clojure, because after reading it and wishing that Lisp were a more practical choice, picking Clojure was a natural progression.

If I had found the JavaScript edition first, I likely would have read it instead, and wouldn't have touched Lisp or Clojure at all.

Then the irony really kicks in now, as I'm returning to JavaScript due to difficulties in landing a Clojure job.

I've gained so much from being a part of the Clojure community and wouldn't trade it for the world, but it resulted in an extremely circuitous path.

@greenCoder Great to see you too!

The post size I actually enjoy. I look at it like poetry, and I'm a believer that if you have to write TL;DR, that is a sign that you should burn whatever you're working on and start over :P

The limits that I hope to avoid are due to "social" constraints that are much more insidious.

I like how the default emoji is tears of joy😂​

Reaching out for catharsis must be a sign of the times

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