Some "This site uses cookies" banners have two options:
"I Understand" and "Dismiss"

This isn't an "I consent/ I don't consent" deal. The site collects cookies either way. It's an "I understand / I don't understand" deal, since it makes no difference to the site owners

I don't know why, but I find it ridiculous, like having a window manager where "Quit" is a button on one side of the title bar, and "Close" is on the other
In other news I'm learning traditional animation. I suck at it, it's fun

@MutoShack The opt-out button is placed not on the site itself, but in the browser UI: usually it's the small cross on the right of the tab…

@MutoShack P.S. They should name it "I surrender", instead of "I agree".

@amiloradovsky @MutoShack
On many sites there's a button marked 'Submit'.
I always want to get at the language files and change it to 'Impose'.

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