terrifying lua expression:

string.format('return load(%q)',string.dump(function(name) print('hello ' .. name) end))

So far so good. The recursive SXML->XML functionality is working the way I want it!

Next up, the blog index, followed by, dare I say it... Interface programming *shivers*

(name subject to change)

@ButterflyOfFire @selyan Est-ce que vous pouvez me recommender une methode pour apprendre le kabyle en tifinagh?

@veer66 In which contexte?

If it is about RDF databases, I think it is because JSON-LD came later. Also, there is already (too?) many ways to format results.

@veer66 I think that is the format that statements are stored in. Dumping from mysql all the JSON is easy I guess. There is also RDF formats.

@maxlath @veer66 speaking of wikidata, did you read about abstract wikipeida and wikilambda?

Why is all about machine learning stuff ?!


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