I feel the need to cycle back to the work. With the work I have done on I got new insights and new perspectives for datae.

My goal was to work on babelia at least until the end of the year. I am also very excited with the idea to poke again around , and versioned data.


@clacke I have mixed feeling about the async / await keywords in Python. I use guile where there is no such ceremony to call async functions but it comes with a message passing facility that avoids the needs for locks... At the end of the day I do not know what is best:

To be or not to be explicit about the async behaviour underlying a function call.

@AbbieNormal I will dive into that code later.

For the time being I will take nap!

@AbbieNormal What are you trying to achieve?

Do you know about macroexpand procedure? It returns tree-il apparantly.

@clacke What is the point of the unsync project? I do not understand.

I probably said this before, but using "Old hardware" as a synonym for "Low-power computing" is bad and should not be done.

The mix of greenthreads and posix threads is not as easy as I was thinking. I need an intermediate greenthread to manage the workers and the work. See the commit at git.sr.ht/~amz3/guile-babelia/

Look in particular at the `arbitrer` procedure.

The complexity is still manageable, but even from where I stand, I think it requires some practice to understand concurrency and parallelism involved in that code.

I made a release of dubbed v0.2.0. There is still much to do, but here it is: git.sr.ht/~amz3/guile-babelia

Here are the stats: After two weeks of work, 41 files changed, 1845 insertions(+), 441 deletions(-) and 97 commits.

27ms to look up my blog for a three character strings.

Ok, I figured that I just put the switch on for the fiber mainthread + posix worker threads. That is the mix of green threads and native threads.

Otherwise, it works!

Seems like my search engine slowed down heavily. I am NOT happy... Maybe it is a problem with the encrypted hard disk again...

@zig The only thing i use tests for is to check how does people run functions in code and how they are supposed to work.

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