I am well aware of legacy and debt. But that is not a reason to not move forward. I have a profound respect for legacy and debt.

As such it must be clear to anyone with some reading comprehension skills to find out that project is reaping the ideas of like continuations, tail calls or generators. Scopes are new, but nothing you could not do with concurrent ml already.

That is was the future already, a loom project is another proof of it.

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I got the usual discourse from about my proposal to replace with my work on and . Basically: that is too much work.

Also, is .

That is another case where R&D in software engineering is pushed back to some mythical organization or organizations that will do all the "hard" work and others will be able to reap all the benefits... But at the same time, "building is just the start"...

Last few days I have been considering making portable to several .

That is very difficult task. But I think it is also worthwhile.

I am not sure what I will do.

Hey , I made a screen-cast where I debug my search engine youtu.be/fdfW7azj5D8 (or direct download at hyper.dev/gnu-guile-hacking/gn)

There is some mic glitches...

Back to the hold after workshop. Nice day!

Have a nice time at .

I am organizing a coding competition where you have to build a static blog generator with a mystery feature (that will be revealed little by little in the next few months).

We have already one sponsor and are actively looking for other sponsors to reward the participants 馃 馃 馃 (goodies, cloud credits, books...).

Checkout: git.sr.ht/~schemers/competitio

Boost appreciated!

I want to invest more in my as known as . What do you think I should use as my main repository:

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