Why is all about machine learning stuff ?!


The real wonder behind is the large, wide, and almost universal scale it operates. In terms of number of humans (and number of machines) it is a wonderful achievement.

Did you look at GPT-2 results? Not the numbers, but the actual generated "natural language" sentences. They look ugly. I do think that it can be a good instrument for black hats to generate fakes after some human post-processing and curation.

There is room for improvement.

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When I do natural language processing stuff, whether it is or or spacy. I always feel undermined by the size of my screen monitor. Otherwise said, It will help to have (much?) bigger screen resolution.

I did not try 4K screens but 2K is not enough.

Also, tilling window manager does not help :/

/me cooking a HTTP REST interface backed by for to do some .

People using conceptnet, do you need a particular feature that is not available in the official service?

I need to find another application for my that support lineage and versioning? Any ideas?

Anyone wants to share something about non-monotonic logic?

One could read: because I am lazy, which true. But, at the end of the day for my experiments, I don't think I will need such snapshot.

Snapshots are useful for long living branches, things that are standstill, not transient.

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I have been working almost all day on the functional database, I was talking previously named . Unlike what is written in the README. I think, that my future self will not commit to build a competitor, instead I will enjoy the full shenanigan of and try to build something that requires less frontend work.

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