When I do natural language processing stuff, whether it is or or spacy. I always feel undermined by the size of my screen monitor. Otherwise said, It will help to have (much?) bigger screen resolution.

I did not try 4K screens but 2K is not enough.

Also, tilling window manager does not help :/

/me cooking a HTTP REST interface backed by for to do some .

People using conceptnet, do you need a particular feature that is not available in the official service?

I need to find another application for my that support lineage and versioning? Any ideas?

Anyone wants to share something about non-monotonic logic?

One could read: because I am lazy, which true. But, at the end of the day for my experiments, I don't think I will need such snapshot.

Snapshots are useful for long living branches, things that are standstill, not transient.

I have been working almost all day on the functional database, I was talking previously named . Unlike what is written in the README. I think, that my future self will not commit to build a competitor, instead I will enjoy the full shenanigan of and try to build something that requires less frontend work.

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