I have finished procrastinating by doing things that are NOT part of my main focus namely .

What will happen next? Who knows?!

Time for coding ! The plan for today is:

- Get together a (basic) pre-fork thread HTTP server,

- Read more about SPARQL 1.1 semantic,

- Maybe start the frontend stuff.

I figured a new way to store history significance in .

What I will explain starts with `history-` in the following file git.sr.ht/~amz3/chez-scheme-ar

Right now the code does store the DAG history in a triplestore and CACHE history significance of each branch in a branch specific tuple to avoid to do multiple calls to the database to rebuild the history of the whole branch and hence be able to recompute history significance measure of each change, for every time travelling query...

stores changes, add and deletion, between versions of the and possibly use a snapshot to speed up querying of the last version (aka. the HEAD). To resolve conflicts between branches, it seems there is not other way but to copy the relevant changes in a merge commit.

I have been working almost all day on the functional database, I was talking previously named . Unlike what is written in the README. I think, that my future self will not commit to build a competitor, instead I will enjoy the full shenanigan of and try to build something that requires less frontend work.

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