Any knows an alternative to that runs in the terminal and that is fast?

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Thanks for all your replies. It is warm. I will keep emacs around for the time being 🌼

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@mdhughes I would love to see a video of ed. The thing is I am wondering how one can use that kind of editor. It does not look very practical.

@zig @mdhughes I never used ed, but I used a line-numbered BASIC with no full-screen editing ability, and I used a line-based editor in Genesis. We get used to jumping around visually using the mouse or arrow keys in full-screen editors, but the Emacs convention for power users is supposed to be interactive search, and with vi you use absolute and relative line numbers. Both of these conventions work well with a line-based editor.

@mdhughes @zig The trick is that you're really working on a block at a time, because it's easy to list the lines around the one you're working on. That's usually what we're doing in the full-screen editors, because only so much fits on the screen.

It encourages better code style, too; long functions and deeply nested curly braces are a pain to deal with in a line editor.

@freakazoid @mdhughes I rely on interactive search. ed seems too rudimentary.

@zig @freakazoid All you need to type to search for a Regular Expression is /RE/ or // to search again.

You want grep? ed *is* grep: g/RE/p is the command to search for RE and print all matching lines.


I did actually program with something very similar or with actual `ed` for many years, before stevie (Atari ST vi, which inspired elvis, which inspired Vim).

It's really not bad, you just need to think about your program first, then code, not the other way around.

@zig emacs can run in the terminal if you pass it the -nw flag (no window). mg is a minimal emacs clone that is cli-only and doesn't have a lisp embedded in it, thus is much faster.

@zig edwin is an emacs implemented in MIT scheme, which is also extensible using it.

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