Me : Master, can I procrastinate
Master : You can, read @ekaitz_zarraga blog

@ekaitz_zarraga I skimmed over the articles, the writing is good but sometime you make fool of yourself with things like "this doesn’t mean I implemented it correctly anyway". I am wondering whether it is good or not to add this kind of notes in a blog. The lack of syntax highlighting is bad.

Otherwise looks good like I said.

Gopher and Clojure ? That's clover ! Wait, no, no, that's clever ! Err, I mean, that's clopher ! Go-pher it !


@zig There is syntax highlighting, check if you have JS enabled. It's done with a file called prism-hl.js i think.

About those comments: I want people to avoid taking me as an expert: I'm not an expert.
I just want the concept to be understood and that's what I want to point out.

@zig Also the idea is to make people understand that they can arrive the same point I did. It's just some not-very-deep research.

English is my third language so I'm quite happy if you liked the writing. :D

@ekaitz_zarraga yes it is good. Not complicated wording, easy to understand. I think it will help reach new users maybe customers ;-)

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