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On many aspects, Google is a Good Old Fashioned Artificial Intelligence. It does knowledge base construction with freebase done by humans, I does quality assurance control and curation by humans, it does learning-to-rank machine learning based on algorithms (and (hyper) parameters) curated by humans, also spell checking and keywords suggestion are based on statistical significance mined from keywords co-occurrence in queries done by humans... All that stuff look like brute force and humans.

pixel is a strange unit as it's used for measuring both length and area

Stop saying antifa.

Start saying anti-fascist.

Make them say out loud what they’re really afraid of.

A voir et à montrer, surtout aux intégristes religieux ^^

Timelapse of universe, from big-bang to today.

exercise/workout tips, mutual aid 

Hey folks, we need to look after our bodies and minds if we want to make revolutions.

My tip is just do ONE THING every day.

Walking, Muay Thai, Badminton, Yoga, it doesn't matter.

Find an activity you find fun and do it every day. If you can make it social, even better.

It's about consistency. Slowly increase the intensity of what you're doing over time but never to the extent you feel sore the next day. The idea is that you can train every day.

Also don't beat yourself up if you miss some days. It's not a big deal.

And most importantly of all, remember that the wellness industry is bullshit and you shouldn't listen to them.

There is no magic capitalist bullshit that's going to solve everything.

It's just finding something that makes you feel good and keep doing it every day.

#exercise #fitness #MutualAid

Would anyone be interested in some paid work on the Sculttlebutt clients Patchwork and Oasis?

UX and front end focussed. Occasional interaction with stuff further down the stack.

#scuttlebutt #p2p

Is incompatible with a civilization kit ie. a set of software that ease cooperation among humans and help sustain life as we know it, possibly more green.

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Just launched: Delightful Humane Artificial Intelligence

This #delightful curated list is meant for open information, #OpenScience and practical #FOSS projects related to #ai #openai

Artificial intelligence technology that is accessible for everyone, AI-for-people. Beneficial to humanity. Thoughtful, responsible, ethical AI. #smalltech even, if possible.

Here is the list. It is still empty, and your PR's or issues are most welcome!

#humanetechnology #humanetechnow

I started an awesome list about civilization kit. No contributions so far...


I want non-capitalistic turn based strategy games. Which means not war (or war=game over) and not trading-for-accumulation.

What other concepts could a strategy game be built on?

Cooperation, possibly as trading for mutual benefit?
Scoring of welfare rather than wealth? (It's a game, it likely needs some kind of scoring)
Infrastructure construction and maintenance?

To be explicit, I'm asking for input and suggestions.

% arew eval src/http-hello.scm 8000 &
% curl -0
hello schemer!%
% curl
hello schemer!%

1st day on Mastodon: hi everyone, I'm interested in art, architecture, and cat pics!! 😊

3rd day on Mastodon: gonna find bigfoot and fuck him

Round 3 

Damien is a totally selfish creep (blaming it all on his superpower) who may be the only character in The Bright Sessions who truly knows how to live in the present. Chairlie Ian really knew how to make his voice ooze disgustingly!


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(fr) Loi de programmation pluriannuelle de la recherche 

Elle est passée en première lecture à l'Assemblée. Voici un communiqué des directeurs de laboratoire qui explique pourquoi c'est une mauvaise loi qui approfondit une mauvaise politique :

(Le mérite revient à @lesly pour l'avoir déniché)


Had a really weird dream last night. A standard "Run N Hide" dream, but... Weird. Detailed. I wrote it in 1st person cause it works better, but it was actually someone else in the dream. I was just watching.

Nice to hear that Github is finally replacing the term master with billgates

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