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On many aspects, Google is a Good Old Fashioned Artificial Intelligence. It does knowledge base construction with freebase done by humans, I does quality assurance control and curation by humans, it does learning-to-rank machine learning based on algorithms (and (hyper) parameters) curated by humans, also spell checking and keywords suggestion are based on statistical significance mined from keywords co-occurrence in queries done by humans... All that stuff look like brute force and humans.

terrifying lua expression:

string.format('return load(%q)',string.dump(function(name) print('hello ' .. name) end))

So far so good. The recursive SXML->XML functionality is working the way I want it!

Next up, the blog index, followed by, dare I say it... Interface programming *shivers*

(name subject to change)

@ButterflyOfFire @selyan Est-ce que vous pouvez me recommender une methode pour apprendre le kabyle en tifinagh?

Why is all about machine learning stuff ?!



re: free software scavenging / legalese 

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free software scavenging / legalese 

I donโ€™t understand why a `git log -p` on a merge commit doesnโ€™t show the conflict resolution diff. Where do the conflict resolution changes go after a merge? To me, they seem to disappear magically.

Il paraรฎt que รงa choque le ministre, alors diffusons largement !

open / free / available source or it does not exist.

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