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Advent of code 

Advent of code 

Advent of code 

He would like to have a way of having two distributions on the same machine, an old one for his old slides and a new one. I suggested using a small VM, but that might be overkill. He also found this ( but I'm not sure how stable and maintainable this solution is.

Would there be another solution we haven't thought about?


My PhD supervisor makes his slides using a very old package. This package is not supported anymore and he can't update his LaTeX distribution because he wouldn't be able to compile his old slides anymore. (1/2)

A blog post about a very nice (and in my case, very useful) trick that kind of gives first-class type families :

This is a Template Haskell error. Is there a rule that says that if something has « template » in its name, the errors need to 3 pages long?

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I'm Josh, I'm from Oregon, and I'm into , , , and functional programming in general.

Mmh there's something weird in GHC or cabal. I use a library that's not on Hackage (because I haven't quite finished yet) in a project with add-source. That library exposes some overlapping instances.

When I compile my project enabling profiling the typechecker is happy, but if I disable theme it complains about overlapping instances…

Any user of ? Do you know if it's possible to use the remote keyboard with KDE Connect Indicator under XFCE?

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Hi all!
I'm a bioinformatician.

I'm originally from the south of France, but now living in Stockholm.

I'm developing an open-source analysis pipeline to detect germline or somatic variants from whole genome sequencing.

I'm interested in cancer, large-scale data integration, automation, containerization, reproducibility and visualization.

More about me here:

I'm creating a « personal » account over there:

This way I'll keep this one centered on my work and I'll speak about the rest (my personal life, politics but *mostly* the infamous british railway network) on this new account.

I'll probably toot both in French and English.

Je me créé un compte « perso » là-bas :

Comme ça je vais pouvoir garder ce compte-ci centré sur mon travail et je vais pouvoir parler du reste (de ma vie perso, de politique et *surtout* de l'infâme réseau ferré britannique) sur ce nouveau compte.

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"What do you mean be 'hard coded' in the program?"


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RT de johnny :

I'm no friend of the #gewista motion ad displays in Vienna, but today I realized that my polarized sunglasses now work as ad-blockers for the physical world. 😎 #adblocker #Vienna

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Labrys 0.1 is finally out after 5 years of solo dev, mostly self-learning. It is still highly unstable but good enough for a first release.

You can install it using OPAM with « opam depext -ui labrys »
Its name comes from the Lesbian symbol 😇

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#2030 "Voting Software" 

Train, retard 

Train, retard 

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