"This problem is interesting for modelling large systems, cyber-physical systems, IoT, insert your favourite buzzword here..."

Quality presentation ^^

@amiloradovsky I don't think so, it was something someone made using those (I assume). But it was an example of what was possible rather than a theory

I checked, just in case, but didn't find anything

Some time ago, I saw a toot with a link to a proof involving real numbers, but I can't find it anymore :(

I think it was about proving that the ratio of two Fibonacci numbers converges to the golden ratio, but I'm not sure.

Anyone remembers it and knows where I can find it?

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hacking: finally got around to writing a little grammar for writing math in a TeX-like style (left) rather than in MathML directly (right).
Which one do you prefer? 😜

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Amazon rainforest rant 

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More cuuuuurves 

I wanted to explain the code you get in Haskell to write this sort of model, but it's actually quite tricky to explain in a toot^^

Hopefully I'll write a blog post about this when this is more polished


More cuuuuurves 


It's not perfect, for instance, I still have one weird problem with the types of some function pointers not being imported correctly. But, while I didn't test anything until I had done everything, I haven't had any segfault or unexpected result with the generated bindings, and I find that pretty impressive!

So after a few days at working with to make bindings to in , I'm actually impressed by it.

It's a tool to help with writing bindings to C library. It can generate a lot of the boilerplate associated with this sort of stuff (e.g., generating wrapper types on the Haskell side) and typechecks the FFI imports by analyzing the C types in the library's headers.

re: Haskell question, C bindings and c2hs 

Haskell question, C bindings and c2hs 

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