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Six Stages of Debugging

Step 1 : That can’t happen.

Step 2 : That doesn’t happen on my machine.

Step 3 : That shouldn’t happen.

Step 4 : Why does that happen?

Step 5 : Oh, I see.

Step 6 : how did that ever work?

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quick : I play stepmania (keyboard) and write haskell (also keyboard)

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Okay, seems like you need to be polite and introduce yourself when you sign in.

I love video games, I love them so much that I recently created on.
I like to cook for my friends, because eating is good for your health and I'm french. And it helps me to relieve stress.

Speaking of that, I am a PhD student in computer science, on bridging formal methods and deep learning (those are complicated words, just drop a message if you want to know more).

Still a newbie on Mastodon but glad to be here!

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@philipwhite Algorithm J is where type variables are mutable and can be overwritten with an instantiating type, right?

I think all the people I know use this one instead of using explicit substitutions, even in I just use the ST monad. I think I've never been able to type recursive constructs correctly with explicit substitutions anyway, I get the composition all mixed up^^

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#android #vieprivée
Bonjour Mastodon,
Linuxien aguerri, libriste et soucieux de la protection des données personnelles, je suis complètement novice s'agissant d'android. Je ne sais pas comment protéger un minimum sa vie privée, quels sont les dispositifs de pistage à désactiver, les applications à éviter ou au contraire à utiliser...
Est-ce que tu aurais de la doc à me conseiller ?

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