Haskell question, C bindings and c2hs 

I'm trying to use to generate bindings to .

Sundials has a function IDACreate, wish allocates a block of memory to then pass around. This block of memory is simply of type void*

When I import this function with c2hs, I would like to make the Haskell version return a newtype wrapper around the pointer, but c2hs doesn't let me do that.

re: Haskell question, C bindings and c2hs 

Everything I've tried has failed, either because I can't use void* as the type of some hooks (either it can't parse it, or it complains it's not declared anywhere or it just fails with an internal error, depending on the hook I try to use).

Does anyone know if there's a way around the problem, or if I'm just condemned to use Ptr () for this?

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