@mark Speaking of the wrapper on that puer brick, someone should make a website preserving the delightful commercial art from the old China tea monopoly. I especially love the watercolors (?) on the Xiamen branch’s oolongs that went for a penny a gram in NYC’s Chinatown 20 years ago.

@tfb @mark I almost forgot, the magic phrase is “Sea Dyke”: teaforum.org/download/file.php

Commercial art-wise, things went downhill when they switched from cardboard boxes to tins.

@tfb @mark Actually, with more web searching I can see those 125g oolong boxes with AT2xx product numbers haven’t gone away after all.

But they’re a lot more expensive than they were 20 years ago, more than ten times the money.

@tfb @mark Unless the tea quality has increased commensurately, I don’t think the artwork justifies the price.🙃


@babelcarp @mark I saw some for I think 3€ a while ago. Next time I'm at a Chinese grocery I'll check the tea section again.

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